Dining at Amangiri

To dine at Amangiri and Camp Sarika is to take a journey through the culinary heritage of the American Southwest. Amangiri’s restaurant team are happy to arrange private-dining experiences both on the resort and at scenic desert sites.

Please note, restaurants are open to guests only.

Desert Lounge, Amangiri, USA Amangiri_Chinle Site

The Chinle Site

A short drive, hike or horseback ride from Amangiri, the Chinle Site provides a unique and atmospheric setting for private dining amid the natural serenity of the desert. Dinners at the site are often enriched by performances from Navajo musicians and storytellers.

The Desert Lounge

Open to the elements, the Desert Lounge lets the scenery take centre-stage, with views of the majestic mesas towering over the scrubland plains. Ideal for cocktail soirées, special-occasion dinners, and moments of quiet contemplation.

Dining experiences