Dining at Amangiri

To dine at Amangiri and Camp Sarika is to take a journey through the culinary heritage of the American Southwest. Amangiri’s restaurant team are happy to arrange private-dining experiences both on the resort and at scenic desert sites.

Please note, restaurants are open to guests only.

Amangiri, USA - F&B Private Dining Amangiri, Restaurant, Fireside

The Desert Lounge

Open to the elements, the Desert Lounge lets the scenery take centre-stage, with views of the majestic mesas towering over the undulating sand dunes. Ideal for cocktail soirées, special-occasion dinners, and moments of quiet contemplation.

Fireside Pavilion 

Tucked under the 165-million-year-old sandstone mesa around which the resort is built, the Fireside Pavilion is a cozy open-air venue located adjacent to the main swimming pool. and the ideal spot for a private dinner under the desert starry sky.

Dining experiences