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The essence of home

Unity in design, harmony in living

Embodying the trusted DNA of peace, understated elegance, and quiet luxury, Aman Interiors brings the essence of Aman into the home.  

A complete immersion into the brand’s distinct design language, forging a profound connection with each space through bespoke furniture designs, limited-edition architect collaborations and an unparalleled interior design service all delivered through the impeccable lens of Aman’s 35-year legacy.  

Aman Interiors - Trini Side Table

The Migumi Collection with Kengo Kuma

With acclaimed architect Kengo Kuma, Aman Interiors presents Migumi, a collaborative limited-edition furniture collection inspired by the fusion of sunlight and wood observed by Kuma in Miami Beach. Blending traditional Japanese artistry and a contemporary, experimental approach, Migumi is made by expert craftsmen in Higashikawa, and intended as a daily reminder of our deep connections to the environment. 

Using a refined palette of natural materials including white oak and Calacatta marble, the Migumi Chair and Migumi Table interact dynamically with their surroundings. As the sunlight changes throughout the day, their structures breathe life, with a captivating dance of shifting light and shadow.
Aman Interiors - Migumi Table

Presenting Foundations  

Embodying the spirit of Aman in form, proportion and purity of material, the Foundations capsule collection is a series of exclusive pieces designed in the Aman Interiors London studio and handcrafted by artisanal makers across the globe.  

"Ekam celebrates the origin of unity, the undivided and the continuous."

The Ekam Lounge Chair explores the concept of the continuous with its hand-sculpted steel frame with antique finish inspired by the hand forged tools used by the Tequesta tribe. The hammered texture of the frame not only celebrates the provenance of these tools in Miami, but also provides strength and structure within which the voluminous, heavyweight linen upholstery is anchored.

"Encapsulating the profound concept of duality, Dvaya describes the harmonious balance of opposites."

The Dvaya Bench embodies duality through its thoughtful design where contrast and equilibrium coalesce. This piece exhibits an intriguing play on scale, where a substantial wooden frame is gracefully supported by triadic legs. The generous seating area is completed with three identical cushions enveloped in the framework. 

Aman Interiors - Dvaya Bench

"Trini explores the divine trinity and the three states of consciousness."

Aman’s Trini Side Table combines craftsmanship with spiritual resonance. The triangular shape stands as testament to strength, stability, and unity. The juxtaposition in the materiality – with its wooden base and immense Onyx top – invite an exploration of the seamless interaction between form and mindfulness. 

Aman Interiors - Trini Side Table

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