Aman Journeys

From the Himalayan peaks of Bhutan to the vividly colourful reefs surrounding Indonesia’s fabled Spice Islands, Aman's individually curated expeditions and extraordinary experiences feature the most remote of the world’s marvels. Venture beyond the ordinary and discover multiple destinations in a single trip with customised itineraries via private jet or yacht.

Expeditions by Air

Embark on a curated private jet expedition and experience the incredible diversity of Aman’s resorts and hotels around the world, the individual geography, culture and spirituality of each of their destinations.

Expeditions by Sea

Navigate new horizons on a fully-staffed, hand-crafted phinisi. Sail the high seas, dive pristine reefs and discover landscapes few are ever privy to.

Adventures on land

Each with an Aman resort as its base, these new five-day driving journeys are designed to capture the poetry and pleasure of the road trip, combined with the privacy, service and imagination that characterises all Aman travel.