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Since inception, Aman’s ethos has always been to care for the environments it inhabits, sensitively integrating into the surrounding landscapes, respecting local culture and celebrating its traditions. No place is this better demonstrated than at its three properties in Japan – Aman Tokyo, Aman Kyoto and Amanemu – where the country's natural beauty and exceptional approach to hospitality are expressed meticulously and full-heartedly.

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Japan's secret forests

From cherry blossoms to hot springs, Japan is internationally renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. Aman has long been inspired by this beautiful green island nation – its mountains, forests, and rural landscapes – leading to the birth of three unique hotels and resorts in Japan, designed to coexist with nature and inviting guests to experience their exceptional surroundings.  

Esteemed Japanese journalist Kyoko Sekine explores Aman Tokyo, Aman Kyoto and Amanemu, telling the story of Aman in Japan by way of its secret forests.