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Aman’s three properties in Japan herald the arrival of the new year, providing sanctuaries in which to restore and spend time with loved ones. During this period of renewal, guests are invited to share unforgettable moments - whether hosting an elaborate private dinner at Aman Tokyo, celebrating an occasion, milestone or anniversary in the ancient setting of Aman Kyoto, or retreating as a family to one of Amanemu’s spacious villas - making every moment of 2022 both meaningful and memorable.

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The term omotenashi is often translated as ‘hospitality’, but it means much more. Its roots lie in the tea ceremony, in which it is the responsibility and privilege of the host to meticulously and full-heartedly brew the perfect cup. It thus encapsulates both the performance of the action, and the sincerity and purity of the heart behind it. This distinctly Japanese way of treating guests is the inspiration for the hospitality philosophy of Aman, as expressed in the family of resorts in the three capitals of Japan: Tokyo, the modern capital; Kyoto, the ancient capital; and Ise Shima, the nation’s spiritual birthplace.

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aman-tokyo-patisserie-cake-winter-2021 Aman Tokyo Chocolat Terrine

La Pâtisserie by Aman Tokyo

In a city famous for its exceptional restaurant scene, Aman Tokyo has become renowned for its unrivalled dining experiences, elaborate afternoon teas and creative seasonal menus. Taking the hotel’s gastronomic prowess to Tokyo, La Pâtisserie by Aman Tokyo now brings the expertise of Aman Tokyo’s Executive Pastry Chef, Yoshihisa Miyagawa to the bustling Otemachi District.