National Parks at Amangiri

Natural Landscape Surrounding Amangiri, Utah, USA

The geologically extraordinary landscape of the Colorado Plateau is home to the highest concentration of national parks in the US, giving Amangiri guests an extraordinary array of places to explore and wonders to discover. The resort’s resident guides can unlock the secrets of the landscape with bespoke itineraries for travel by land or air.

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The Grand Canyon

With two billion years of history buried in its striking erosional forms and layers of geologic color, the Grand Canyon – one of the deepest gorges on Earth – never fails to overwhelm. Amangiri can arrange excursions to both the South Rim and more peaceful North Rim.

Zion National Park

A deep canyon with towering sandstone walls, Zion is home to an extraordinary range of of flora and fauna, as well as North America’s second-largest freestanding monolith, the Great White Throne. It offers superb hiking and sightseeing for all ages and ability levels –Guests can fly over Zion National Park as a combination to a Bryce Canyon Scenic Tour or hike at their own pace on many marked trails.

Bryce Canyon

Defined by hundreds of sandstone pillars – hoodoos – Bryce Canyon is an otherworldly maze of gorges and grottos. Excellent hiking trails make Bryce a rewarding day trip – particularly in summer, when it offers respite from the high-season heat. Enjoy a scenic flight by helicopter or fixed-wing plane, or a private guided tour on the ground.