Ise-shima, Japan


Beside Ago Bay, amid the forested hills of Ise-Shima, the ryokan-inspired onsen resort of Amanemu invites guests into a sanctuary of restorative peace. Bask in mineral-rich hot springs, walk ancient pilgrim trails and explore a sublime coastline. 

Wellness & fitness

Wellness from water

Rooted in Japan’s sixth-century tradition of onsen bathing, Amanemu’s 2,000-square-metre spa embraces the restorative power of water.

multi-destination journey

Aman Japan Journey

Explore Japan with a multi-destination Aman stay in Tokyo, Kyoto and Ise Shima and enjoy complimentary breakfast, room upgrades and exclusive discounts. 


Spring in Shima

Amanemu celebrates the bounty and diversity of ingredients naturally available nearby – both in the chefs’ cuisine and the bartenders’ cocktails.


Amanemu Journeys

High above Ago Bay, embraced by forest, Amanemu sits at the heart of a serene natural landscape that rewards explorers with its extraordinary beauty. Ise-Shima National Park is a hiker’s haven, with sacred Shinto shrines to visit, and the bay itself is home to a unique community of pearl fishers and female freedivers, the ama.

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Rediscover Amanemu

Experience Japan’s natural beauty at Amanemu, where the verdant embrace of the Ise-Shima hills and captivating views over Ago Bay encourage both relaxation and adventure.

Getting here

Amanemu is easily reached from Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, with a 35-minute helicopter ride or a 3-hour train journey. From Tokyo Station, it involves a 1-hour and 40-minute Shinkansen ride to Nagoya Station, followed by a 2-hours and 20-minute journey by train or car from Nagoya Station.

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2165 Hazako Hamajima-cho Shima-shi
517-0403 Mie
  • Chubu Centrair International Airport

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