From the hammams of Morocco to the hot springs of Japan, Aman Wellness offers a journey of reawakening. Across the globe, we integrate local spa rituals with indigenous ingredients, a profoundly therapeutic touch, and a gentle sense of joy and discovery. We believe that reconnecting with your environment and the purity of Nature offers a means to rediscover the universe inside the Self.

Individual Wellness Immersions

Allow yourself to be the centre of an immersive retreat designed for transformation. Balancing every aspect of health, from movement and nutrition to fitness and spiritual awareness, Aman’s Wellness Immersions aim to manifest your goals in 3 to 21 days

Three Transformative Pathways

Personalised programmes starting at three nights
Designed to promote profound change, these carefully calibrated programmes aim to gently steer you on a new path. Whether you seek to shift unwanted weight and its emotional root causes, deep cleanse your entire system or attain renewed awareness, Amanpuri’s three Immersion Experiences entitled Weight Management & Transformation, Detox & Cleansing and Mindfulness & Stress Management, ensure palpable results and a deep sense of inner peace and happiness.

Ancient Ayurveda

4- to 21-day programmes
Escape to a secret garden estate in India’s rugged Aravalli Hills and reconnect within the rose-pink, Mughal-inspired sanctuary that is Amanbagh. Drawing on India’s remarkable wellness heritage, Amanbagh’s Ayurvedic Immersions offer a unique experience of this 5,000-year-old system of preventive medicine. An in-house Ayurvedic physician oversees every detail of your Immersion, whether you seek an educational introduction to Ayurveda, or a full three-week programme designed for total rejuvenation.

Three Detoxifying Pathways

3- to 14-night programmes
Surrounded by Nui Chua National Park on the shores of Vinh Hy Bay, Amanoi invites you to experience one of its Individual Wellness Immersions, a spa retreat designed to promote profound change. Carefully calibrated to gently steer you on a new path, these programmes ensure palpable results and a deep sense of inner peace whether you wish to shift unwanted weight, renew focus and spiritual connection, or promote internal balance and overall wellbeing for a longer, healthier life.

Pilgrimage and Purification

3- to 14-night programmes
The region around Amanemu is historically one of pilgrimage and purification, from the shrines of Ise to the Kumano Kodo pilgrim paths and the sacred surrounding forests. Peppered with natural hot springs, the area has a centuries-old association with onsen bathing, a ritual traditionally enjoyed from the sanctuary of a ryokan retreat. All of this informs Amanemu's Wellness Immersions, drawing on specialised Japanese therapies to steer you gently on a new path.

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