Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s palm edged coast promises the extraordinary in both nature and culture. The most powerful experiences are the ones that make a difference which lasts long after they are over. Whether we are venturing into the wild to contribute to conservation projects, supporting local communities, or simply opening ourselves up to new narratives, histories and perspectives, the memories we make are richer and more precious when they have sense of purpose behind them.

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Festive season in Sri Lanka

Whether opening up to new histories and perspectives or simply seeking reconnection in nature’s healing embrace, Sri Lanka’s palm edged coast promises and extraordinary end to 2022.

At both Amangalla and Amanwella Aman-curated festive programmes make this festive season the most memorable yet. From traditional mask-making and ocean-side scavenger hunts for little ones, to live music performances and multi-course menus served by candlelight, guests of all generations are catered for in Aman’s Sri Lankan sanctuaries.