Musashi by Aman

Musashi by Aman

Musashi by Aman opens Tuesday through Saturday.
Please make sure you will make a reservation in advance.


Open to both Aman guests and non-residents.
We are not able to welcome customers who are under 13 years old.

Musashi by Aman's temporarily hours of operation

Lunch: 12.00pm to 2.00pm (Last entry 1.00pm)
Dinner: 5.00pm to 8.00pm (Last entry 6.30pm Last order 7.00pm for drinks )

Opens Tuesday through Saturday.


Online Reservation

Artistry as centre stage

Centered around the Hinoki counter which seats 8 guests, the space reflects the minimalist design aesthetic of Aman Tokyo.


Master Chef Musashi

Having worked as a sushi chef for many years, Master Chef Musashi moved to Tokyo and opened his namesake sushi restaurant at the age of 39. After 12 successful years, he made the decision to move to Aman Tokyo to open Musashi by Aman. With a great commitment and passion for Edomae style sushi, Master Chef Musashi has influenced this traditional craft with his modern and sophisticated taste. 



Omakase is the Japanese tradition of letting a chef choose your order. The word means "I will leave it to you (chef).”
Giving the chef creative freedom and guests a memorable dining experience, the tradition requires a skilled chef with a breadth of ingredients and knowledge. Master Chef Musashi will create the Omakase course choosing the finest seasonal ingredients as well as the catches os the day.

Omakase course
(subject to tax and service charge)


Edomae Style

Edomae literally translates as ‘in front of Edo’, referring to the location of Tokyo Bay, where many years ago an abundance of seafood could be found. The term also refers to the care and work which went in to preserving the fish. Sushi masters used techniques such as ‘zuke’, immersing in soy sauce and ‘shime’, curing with salt and vinegar, to preserve the fish for sushi making. 



Master Chef Musashi puts a great deal of effort into making his 'Shari', or sushi rice, excellent. Using only white vinegar and a bit of salt, his 'Shari' is cooked to enjoy his sushi in the most delicious way.



Early every morning our master chef travels to fish market, to select the freshest, seasonal fish and seafood. Delicacies available elsewhere are also flown in daily, to ensure the menu reflects the best of Japanese produce. 


Japanese Craftsmanship

Sake, pottery and Edo Kiriko glasses were created especially for Musashi by Aman. Immerse yourself into the world of Japanese craftsmanship and cuisine.