Experiences at Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo Experiences

Occupying a prime position in Otemachi, Aman Tokyo is a gateway to urban discovery. Aman concierges will arrange personal tours and activities as desired, offering guests access to both ancient cultural attractions and the thrills of the modern metropolis. Beyond the city limits, the iconic volcanic peak of Mount Fuji is within easy reach by bullet train. 

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Imperial Palace Gardens 

Aman Tokyo stands on the doorstep of the Imperial Palace, formal residence of the Emperor of Japan, and the verdant green expanse that surrounds it, with bird’s-eye views from many rooms. Visitors can explore the East Gardens and  the ruins of Edo Castle – the heart of the city for centuries – and Aman Tokyo can arrange private tours of the palace grounds. 

The art of Iaido swordsmanship

Take a private Iaido session focusing on maneuvers and samurai etiquette. Dating back to the 16th century, this graceful martial art encompasses hundreds of styles of swordsmanship, reflecting the refinement and morals of the archetypal Japanese warrior.

The ancient craft of Sakan 

Sakan, or Japanese plaster, is an ancient craft art that modern building methods are rapidly leaving behind. Few master plasterers remain in Japan, but Syuhei Hasado has found a way of combining this age-old practice with contemporary techniques to reinvent the tradition for the modern day. Graceful, precise and inspired by nature, his hand-made stucco art can be found throughout the corridors of Aman Tokyo. 

The essence of sado and wagashi

Visit a chashitsu teahouse to experience the Japanese tea ceremony in its true form, with guests preparing their own wagashi sweets to enjoy as a vital part of the ritual.


Aman Tokyo Journeys

Aman Tokyo has fostered deep ties with an array of remarkable local artisans, allowing guests access to the heart of Japan's fantastically diverse culture. Three unique journeys have been created in partnership with these artisans, in turn contributing to the preservation of Japan's local arts, crafts and cultures. 


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