Musashi by Aman

Centred on a Hinoki cypress-wood counter that seats eight, Musashi by Aman invites guests to experience the authentic Japanese omakase dining tradition. In front of diners, Master Chef Musashi prepares an exquisite selection of sushi and sashimi based on the finest and freshest ingredients available that day. 

Aman Tokyo Dining Musahi Aman Tokyo Dining Musahi Aman Tokyo Dining Musahi

The Edomae sushi tradition  

Native to Tokyo, Edomae, literally translates as ‘in front of Edo,’ referring to the location of Tokyo Bay, once home to an abundance of seafood. Edomae sushi is associated with the great care that goes into preserving the fish. Sushi masters use techniques such as ‘zuke’, (immersing in soy sauce) and ‘shime’ (curing with salt and vinegar) to prepare it for sushi making.  

Omakase dining 

Meaning ‘I will leave it to you’, Omakase is the Japanese tradition of entrusting your order to the chef, giving them full creative freedom over your meal. Successful omakase experiences depend on a skilled chef with a breadth of ingredients and wide-ramging knowledge. Master Chef Musashi travels to the Tokyo fish market early each morning,to select the freshest seasonal fish and seafood, pairing it with his self-grown ‘shari’ (sushi rice) to craft his omakase menus. 




Restaurants are open to Aman guests and non-residents (subject to availability).


【Musashi by Aman's hours of operation until Tuesday 11 May】

  • Lunch: 12pm-2pm (Last entry 1pm)
  • Dinner: 5pm-8pm (Last entry 6:30pm LO drinks 7pm)
  • Closed on Sundays and Mondays



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Aman Tokyo Dining Musahi

Master Chef Musashi   

Having worked as a sushi chef for many years, Master Chef Musashi moved to Tokyo and opened his namesake sushi restaurant at the age of 39. After 12 successful years, he joined Aman Tokyo to open Musashi by Aman. With his  tremendous commitment to, and passion for Edomae-style sushi, Master Chef Musashi has influenced this traditional craft with his modern and sophisticated taste.