Meaning 'cultivated land' in Latin, Arva brings the rustic, flavour-focused culinary traditions of Italy to Aman Tokyo. Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant celebrates fresh seasonal ingredients in simple but creative dishes, full of soul. 

Aman Tokyo Arva aman-tokyo-arva-mushroom-2021-p Aman Tokyo Arva

Seasonal, and sustainably sourced 

Through established relationships with local farmers, fishermen, market traders and niche suppliers, chef Masakazu Hiraki and his team pay homage to traditional Italian home cooks, who combined an understanding of flavour with the creativity of necessity to craft extraordinary, flavoursome dishes from the produce available in the landscapes around them.  

Heritage reinvented 

Arva doesn’t seek merely to replicate Italy’s culinary heritage, but to apply the principles that shape it to incorporate seasonal ingredients available nearby. Unique to Aman Tokyo, the menu features ingredients such as Sagamihara eggs, Kaga lotus root and Yamanashi Nakamura Farm guinea fowl.   




Restaurants are open to Aman guests and non-residents (subject to availability).

【Arva's hours of operation】

  • Lunch 11.30am-2pm (LO 2pm)
  • Dinner 5pm-8pm (LO Course 6pm, LO A la carte 7pm)
  • Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays


We follow the Tokyo government guidelines and are not serving alcohol from 12 July until further notice.

Aman Tokyo Executive Chef Masakazu Hiraki

A tale of two cuisines

Born and trained in Japan, chef de cuisine Masakazu Hiraki spent 17 years cooking in some of the most revered kitchens in Venice, expanding his repertoire to master Italian seasonal ingredients and cooking techniques, while maintaining a distinctly Japanese emphasis on clean, refined flavours. At Arva, he channels his unparalleled experience in the Italian kitchen into producing authentic and original dishes for Aman Tokyo guests.  

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