Musashi by Aman

Centred on a Hinoki cypress-wood counter that seats eight, Musashi by Aman invites guests to experience the authentic Japanese omakase dining tradition. In front of diners, Master Chef Musashi prepares an exquisite selection of sushi based on the finest and freshest ingredients available that day. 


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Edomae sushi tradition   

Native to Tokyo, Edomae, literally translates as ‘in front of Edo,’ referring to the location of Tokyo Bay, once home to an abundance of seafood. Edomae sushi is associated with the great care that goes into preserving the fish. Sushi masters use techniques such as ‘zuke’, (immersing in soy sauce) , ‘niru’ (simmering in a broth of soy, sake, mirin and sugar) and ‘shime’ (curing with salt and vinegar) to prepare it for sushi making.   

Omakase dining  

Meaning ‘I will leave it to you’, Omakase is the Japanese tradition of entrusting your order to the chef, giving them full creative freedom over your meal. Successful omakase experiences depend on a skilled chef with a breadth of ingredients and wide-ranging knowledge. Master Chef Musashi travels to the Tokyo fish market early each morning, to select the freshest seasonal fish and seafood, pairing it with his self-grown ‘shari’ (sushi rice) to craft his omakase menus.  

Restaurants are open to Aman guests and non-residents (subject to availability).

Please kindly note that children must be aged 13 or over to dine at Musashi by Aman.


Dinner: 5pm-10pm (Last entry 8.30pm)

Closed on Sundays and Mondays


master chef musashi

Homegrown rice 

Since 2020, chef Musashi has been growing and harvesting his own rice in his hometown of Yamanashi Prefecture. At the foot of Mt Kaikomagatake, near the source of the Ojira River, the chef uses pure Mukawa water to nurture his special Hitomebore variety, returning regularly to tend to the crop until harvest. Once at the restaurant, he is mindful of the season, temperature and weather in order to cook the rice perfectly. Through this intimate process, consistency can be guaranteed and the same high quality maintained.    

Self-made sake  

The rice that chef Musashi grows also goes into making his original sake and craft spirits. Taking a month to brew, The Musashi by Aman Extra Dry sake is made from rice that has been carefully grown in pure water and naturally pairs well with the chef’s sushi as a mid-meal drink. In 2023, the chef also created Craft Spirits Musashi, made by distilling his original sake with yuzu to reveal a refreshing citrus taste with an aroma of premium ginjo sake. 


Hand-planted wasabi  

Wasabi was first introduced during the Edo period, when it proliferated as the preferred seasoning for sushi. In 2022, chef Musashi began cultivating his own Japanese horseradish in Okutama, west of Tokyo, where the climate is perfect thanks to few temperature changes throughout the year and crystalline streams. Musashi himself planted the seedlings, which will take four years to grow – expected at Aman Tokyo by 2025.  

Musashi by Aman

Chef-thrown pottery  

A man of many talents, chef Musashi also shows off his creativity by meticulously making the restaurant’s sushi plates and sake cups himself by hand using pottery techniques. In addition, the restaurant uses bespoke neta boxes for fish and sushi, painted with Wajima lacquer. Sake bowls made by third-generation glassware craftsman, Toru Horiguchi, also continue Japan's proud tradition of craftsmanship, further elevating the elegant omakase experience.



Chef Master Musashi is proud to have been honoured with many awards over the years.

  • Gold Award (The U.S. National Sake Appraisal 2022) 
  • Platinum Award (LUXEMBOURG SAKE CHALLENGE 2022) 
  • Medaille D’or (Le concours des vins Féminalise 2023 ) 
  • Platinum Award (Kura Master 2023) 

  • Junmai Daiginjo/Junmai Ginjo (Light & Clean) Gold Medal “Hong Kong Oriental Sake Awards 2022" 
  • Gold Award (The U.S. National Sake Appraisal 2022) 

  • Junmai Daiginjo / Junmai Ginjo (Light & Clean) Gold Medal “Hong Kong Oriental Sake Awards 2023" 
  • "Kura Master" 2024 Junmai Daiginjo Gold Medal 

  • Silver Award(The U.S. National Sake Appraisal 2022) 
  • Junmai (Light & Clean) Bronze “Hong Kong Oriental Sake Awards 2022" 
  • Medaille D’or(Le concours des vins Féminalise 2023 )

  • Silver Award (Japan Women’s SAKE Award 2023) 
  • Bronze Award (MILANO SAKE CHALLENGE 2023) 
  • Bronze Award (ORIENTAL SAKE AWARDS 2023) 

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