Seasonal exclusives

From top of the Otemachi Tower, the dynamism of Tokyo is framed by Aman Tokyo’s picture-windows, where, year-round, the same view is never seen twice. Reflected in the hotel’s restaurants, dining experiences are unique and varied, where the magic of each season is carefully captured in food and beverage. 

Musashi by Aman

One Dinner Two Journey

Join two of Aman Tokyo’s chefs as they compete with the same ingredients to create a unique 12-course tasting menu that takes guests on a journey through Italy and Japan.
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The Lounge by Aman

Dishes to warm the soul

For a touch of warmth as the weather turns colder, the Lounge by Aman will offer the flavours of Asia, with a seasonal curry menu featuring an invigorating range of authentic spices. Packed with fresh ingredients, the five new dishes include a healthy grilled vegetable curry served with energy-filled multigrain rice, an indulgent oven baked lobster curry with fragrant turmeric rice, and Aman Tokyo’s ‘original beef curry’ made with the highest-quality Wagyu.
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The Cafe by Aman

Halloween Foret Dessert

Experience the delicate textures and flavours of traditional French patisserie, with a playful Halloween twist.
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The Lounge by Aman

Halloween Afternoon Tea Party

Join The Lounge at Aman Tokyo for a sweet and savory seasonal feast, inspired by the magic of Halloween.
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