Autumn Afternoon Tea - A Touch of Rinpa

1 October - 30 November 2021

Around 400 years ago in the early Edo period, artist Hon'ami Koetsu settled in the Takagamine district in Kyoto - where Aman Kyoto stands today. The artistic beginnings of Takagamine later created a new style of art called Rinpa, which has since influenced artists around the world.

This autumn, Aman Kyoto offers afternoon tea that pays homage to the creativity of this style, served in the resort’s elegant Living Pavilion. Alongside a choice of 20 different types of tea, a decadent display of treats will be served. Using autumn ingredients, savoury dishes include red caviar and smoked salmon quiche while intricate pastries are inspired by renowned Rinpa artists. A fragrant combination of lemon mousse, apple agar, and soybean flour creates Bun Kin, which represents Araki Jippo's artwork, Birds and Flowers of Four Seasons Autumn, and a pastry inspired by Tawaraya Sotatsu’s masterpiece, Fujin and Raijin Folding Screen combines light pumpkin and smooth brûlée cream and finished with gold leaf, for a truly unique gastronomic experience. 

  • Weekdays ¥ 8,600  
  • Weekends & holidays ¥ 9,450 with a glass of sparkling wine 

*Inclusive of consumption tax and service charge