Savour at Home

Perfect for sharing with loved ones or as an indulgent treat for oneself, a selection of Aman Kyoto’s seasonal culinary creations can also be enjoyed in the comfort of home.

Available to purchase on property, or delivered to any address across Japan, they can be easily gifted or savoured as a token of time spent in Aman Kyoto’s secret garden setting. 

Baked Delicacies

Be transported to Paris – or back to Kyoto – when sampling these authentic French pastries created by Aman Kyoto’s expert chefs.
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1 June - 31 July

Dainagon Azuki beans, walnuts and brown sugar pound cake

The arrival of the new season is celebrated in the Aman Kyoto kitchen with the creation of a delicious new pound cake. Made with a unique combination of Dainagon azuki beans, walnuts and brown sugar, perfect for pairing with freshly brewed tea or coffee.
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Roasted tea, Matcha, Japanese Black Tea Cookies

Japanese roasted tea, green tea and Japanese black tea provide the flavours for the new handmade cookies created by the Aman Kyoto pastry team, available to take home as a culinary souvenir of the ancient city of Japan.

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Aman Kyoto Original Juice Gift Box

Carefully pressed on Tanii Farm in Wakayama prefecture, Aman Kyoto’s original gift set of five delicious juices are bursting with the flavours of summer - the perfect gift for a loved one.
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1 MARCH - 31 MAY

Strawberry Pound Cake

The arrival of the new season is celebrated in the Aman Kyoto kitchen with the creation of a new pink pound cake, made to capture the vibrant colours and flavours of spring time. To create the cake, dried strawberries are kneaded into fresh dough and baked until soft and fluffy in texture. The sweet and sour taste of the strawberry is balanced with a buttery richness to create a cake that pairs perfectly with fresh coffee or green tea.
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Taste of Aman Kyoto

Take home the flavours of Aman Kyoto with this gourmet gift set – all used daily in our dishes served at The Living Pavilion by Aman.
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Please note, purchases can be made on property or sent to any address across Japan only.