A heritage of creativity

Three centuries ago, the artist and polymath Honami Koetsu helped shape the culture and creative life of the Takagamine district of Kyoto, and from there, Japan as a whole. Taka-an is a culinary homage to him as his artistic legacy is explored and expressed through food and hospitality.

Aman Kyoto Dining Taka An Aman Kyoto Dining Taka An

Local flavours  

Honouring Koetsu’s legacy, the chef selects ingredients as an artist selects their palette, prepares them with meticulous precision, to serve dishes that transform Kyoto’s seasonal produce into works of gastronomic art. 

Omakase dining traditions  

Creating gastronomic art is Chef Shinichiro Takagi, who joins Taka-an as Executive Chef. Born and raised in the city of Kanazawa in the Ishikawa region, Chef Takagi has the unique ability to imagine a dish without a menu in mind. Such creativity means that when dining at Taka-an, no two meals will be the same. The restaurant will follow Japan’s omakase dining tradition, whereby the chef channels their creative abilities and refined understanding of ingredients to create a specially tailored meal for each and every guest. 


Tamba Beef Tasting Menu, Taka An, Aman Kyoto, Japan

Tamba Hirai Beef Kaiseki Menu

Tamba Hirai beef, favoured by food masters, is a well kept secret of Kyoto cuisine. Raised in nature and nurtured with natural spring water, the meat has a unique, melt in the mouth sweetness. Taka An's new kaiseki tasting menu maximises the flavour of the beef with complimentary ingredients and careful wine pairings. 

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