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Taka-An餐厅行政主厨Shinichiro Takagi深谙美食艺术。Takagi主厨在石川区金泽市出生和成长,具有无需菜单亦能创作美食的独特能力。Taka-An不提供菜品点单,没有任何两餐是完全一样的。餐厅遵循日式主厨定制料理传统,让主厨自由创新发挥,传达对食材的精练理解,为每位食客量身定制一餐。



备受美食大师青睐的丹波平井牛是京都美食的秘密瑰宝。丹波平井牛于大自然中放养,以天然泉水饲养,肉质香甜独特、入口即化。Taka An餐厅新推出的怀石料理品尝菜单提供免费配菜,再配以精心挑选的红酒,令丹波平井牛肉的美味体现得淋漓尽致。

Aman Kyoto Crab Kaiseki Aman Kyoto Taka-an Crab

Snow Crab Kaiseki

8 November - End of February

While the summer months allow the waters of the Sanin and Hokuriku regions to replenish, on November 6, crab fishing is permitted once more. To make the most of this seasonal specialty, Taka-an will offer a 10-course Crab Kaiseki menu which showcases the snow crab for a true taste of winter.

With a focus on sourcing the freshest ingredients, we carefully select the best catch the day from five famous fishing ports including Tango in the Kyoto Prefecture and Sanin in the Hyogo Prefecture. The crab is then carefully cooked using methods that maximise the natural flavour – such as roasting and steaming. Guests are also invited to try female snow crab – a delicacy renowned for its excellent flavour. 

To add to the theatre, the restaurant’s chefs will prepare crab and the 10 kaiseki dishes in front of the guests. Baked in front of the customer using Bincho charcoal, the roasted crab can be prepared to the customer's taste, with the concentrated heat condensing the flavour, removing moisture and leaving behind plenty of fragrance. Other dishes include steam crab, with a rich crab miso and crab rice, cooked with crab shells and accompanied by an indulgent crab stock.

Lunch at Private Dining Room

The private room overlooking Aman Kyoto’s tranquil moss garden can be used for every event from gatherings with family and friends to formal sit-downs with business partners. A personalised menu of seasonal Japanese dishes will be curated to suit the occasion.


Restaurants are open to Aman guests and non-residents (subject to availability).

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  • 晚餐:晚上6点至9点

  • 午餐:中午12点至下午3点