Cultural experiences at Aman Tokyo

Establishing deep, lasting connections with local communities and cultures around the world has been an intrinsic part of the Aman philosophy ever since the first destination opened. To celebrate this, Aman Tokyo presents several exclusive experiences in which guests are invited to touch the fabric of Japan's cultural identity and contribute to the preservation of Tokyo's local arts, crafts and cultures. 



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The art of Tokyo

Take an immersive tour of Tokyo’s creative culture and history with a tailor-made tour of the city’s contemporary and classical art galleries. Insiders Renna Okubo and Wakako Tezen, both experienced curators and consultants, lead bespoke experiences built around personal interests, including both leading galleries and off-the-beaten-track art spaces normally inaccessible to the public. Art experiences can be adapted to assist collectors looking to acquire new pieces. 


Sumo behind the scenes

Discover the remarkable history and rich traditions of Japan’s iconic sport with a visit to a sumo-beya (stable) to see the wrestlers in training. Spend the morning witnessing the discipline and rigour that underpins the practice.

Progressive art experiences

In Japan, art has many faces, not only referring to the traditional fine arts but a range of skills, techniques and rituals that form a part of everyday life. From confectionary (wagashi) to pottery, Japan’s highly regarded arts are not only considered for their aesthetic beauty, but the impact they have on mind, body and soul. 

Whether experiencing the mindfulness of the tea ceremony or the gently meditative process of floral arrangement, Aman Tokyo’s progressive art experiences offer exclusive and impactful experiences in Japan’s arts – traditional and contemporary.