Private Air Tours at Amangiri

Helicopter Tour, Private Air Tours, Amangiri, Utah, USA

Amangiri’s surroundings are inspiring enough when seen from the ground, but it’s only from above that you can possibly appreciate the sheer vastness and geological drama of the Colorado Plateau. Whether travelling by helicopter, balloon or plane, there’s no more awe-inspiring way to explore red-rock country than from the sky.

Hot Air Balloon over the resort, Amangiri, Utah, USA Helicopter Tours, Amangiri, USA Hot Air Balloon Tours, Amangiri, USA

Hot-air ballooning

Launching from straight from the resort at sunrise, hot-air balloon flights provide extraordinary views of Amangiri’s 600 acres of wilderness, as well as a deep and memorable sense of tranquillity as the balloon drifts smoothly across the sky.

Helicopter tours

Helicopters depart directly from Amangiri’s private helipad, hidden among the sandstone towers, and can fly from here to any of the surrounding National Parks. Choose to stay in the air and simply admire the scenery or touch down to embark on a privately guided ground tour.