Nama at the Lagoon Club

Nama brings the legendary Japanese art of washoku, recognised by Unesco as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, to the peaceful shores of Amanpulo. Following the direction of Master Chef Keiji Matoba, every dish on the menu is a work of art, with sushi, sashimi and Wagyu beef just some of the highlights.

Amanpulo Dining Nama Amanjena, Marrakech - Nama, Sushi

Freshly caught seafood flown in from Japan

Nama means raw, and the simple secret of washoku is that it celebrates the intrinsic flavours of the purest  ingredients possible with incredible artistry. For authenticity, fresh seafood is flown in from Japan and complemented with the finest locally-sourced produce to create the signature Nama experience unique to Aman resorts around the world.

An engaging feast for the senses

Nama’s open setting invites guests to experience the artistry of age-old washoku techniques firsthand. While  savouring a sake flight – a tasting set of three or more small glasses of premium Japanese sake – Nama’s Japanese-trained chef expertly curates his culinary masterpieces at the bar.

A dramatic setting for inspired dining

With moonlight dancing over the sea and the gentle susurration of waves lapping the shoreline, the scene is set nightly for a culinary journey through Japan’s remarkable cuisine. With its dark wooden accents and large picture windows, Nama’s candlelit interior is an intimate setting for such an adventure.

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Open for dinner from 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. seasonally.