Drawing on traditional natural remedies, Aman Spa offers
an integrated approach to wellbeing

Tokyo Spa Journeys 


The practice of Misogi is the traditional act of purification and meditation using water to reconnect with one’s core and is undertaken prior to any treatment. Aman Tokyo Spa’s signature journeys begin with this ritual so that the benefits of treatments are felt at a deeper level. A foot bath with seasonal Kampo herbs and mineral sea salt is followed by a breathing exercise with Kuromoji oil, renowned for its relaxing and calming properties

Aman Tokyo Signature Spa Journey

Based on the practice of purification and connection with one's inner self, our Signature Spa Journey features camphor for its deeply calming scent, a full body scrub, used to stimulate the body's circulation system, boost the lymphatic system and remove toxins. A 90-minute body massage combines Shiatsu and western techniques to leave the body feeling deeply relaxed and rebalanced 150 minutes

Personalised Spa Journey

This treatment is personalised during consultation with our spa therapists, who select appropriate products from the range, including locally sourced aromatherapy oils, to deliver tailored techniques and treatments 90 minutes / 120 minutes 150 minutes / 180 minutes

Spa Journey Preparation – The Misogi Experience

To further enhance your spa journey and enjoy the full benefits of the experience, we recommend that you arrive 60 minutes prior to your appointment to enjoy The Spa’s Misogi facilities accompanied by splendid views of the Tokyo skyline

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