Progressive art experiences

In Japan, art has many faces, not only referring to the traditional fine arts but a range of skills, techniques and rituals that form a part of everyday life. From confectionary (wagashi) to pottery, Japan’s highly regarded arts are not only considered for their aesthetic beauty, but the impact they have on mind, body and soul. Whether practising the mindfulness of the tea ceremony or the gently meditative art of floral arrangement, Aman Tokyo’s art experiences offer exclusive and impactful classes in Japan’s arts – traditional and contemporary – in the comfort of one’s very own room or suite. 

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Tea ceremony

A traditional communication technique and part of the country’s heritage, Aman Tokyo’s tea ceremony invites guest to experience a one-of-a-kind urban initiation of the age-old tradition. In the comfort of one’s room, tea master Mr. Souryou Matsumura prepares tea in the Ryurei style, describing each stage of the ceremony along the way. Overlooking the city below, the ceremony offers a moment’s respite from the worries of everyday life, allowing guests to fully appreciate both the physical and mental benefits of this charming ritual. 

Flower arrangement

The history of Ikebana has developed along with the lives of the Japanese people. A practice of flower arrangement, it is valued as a form of moving meditation as much as it is an aesthetic art. Taking place in the privacy of their room or suite, Aman Tokyo guests are invited to spend time with a contemporary Ikebana expert, Mr. Toru Watarai, transforming seasonal flowers into structurally magnificent arrangements of colour and form. 


Dating back to the 15th century, ceramic art is one of Japan’s most renowned art forms. At Aman Tokyo, guests can enjoy an unconventional pottery experience with Mr. Gentaro Yokoyama, a modern potter who has established his own contemporary style. In the company of Mr Yokoyama, guests are invited to visit a private ceramic artist's atelier, where the hands-on experience awaits. Choosing from a range of molds, colours and finishes, guests can unleash their creativity, taking home a bespoke piece that can be treasured for years to come. 

Japanese confectionary

Not only part of Japan’s culinary heritage, wagashi (confectionary) is also appreciated as an artform, capturing the changing seasons in delicious edible bites. From Aman Tokyo, guests are invited to enhance their culinary skills and combine them with artistic flair in an exclusive wagashi session led by artist, Ms. Shiho Sakamoto. Learn about the history and characteristics of Japanese sweets before making and enjoying them in comfort of one’s room or suite.