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Wellness & Spa Experiences - Porto Heli, Greece

The holistic healings of Hippocrates are the inspiration for Amanzoe’s light-filled 2,850-square-metre Spa, combining diet, gymnastics, exercise, massage and sea bathing with modern natural products and treatments. A gym is also available, and studios host yoga and Pilates sessions

amanzoe greece wellness spa

Nine treatment suites offer a variety of relaxing moods and expansive views

Massages, scrubs and facials are available in five indoor and two outdoor spa spaces, which are joined by a Watsu pool and manicure studio
Amanzoe Greece Spa Massage

The An'ă-trip'sis treatment is designed to to relax muscles, improve circulation and encourage inner peace

This spa treatment features a full body acupressure, followed by dry skin brushing, an olive oil and beeswax relaxing massage along with cupping and a laurel oil head massage
Amanzoe, View from the Yoga Pavilion

The yoga pavilion hosts a range of sessions for all levels from its tranquil hillside setting

Body alignment and breath awareness are the focus of the hatha, vinyasa or ashtanga practices, while full-moon yoga sessions are set in the Amphitheatre

Revitalise with the nurturing benefits of Watsu

A Watsu aquatic therapy session involves floating in warm water, supported by a therapist’s arms. Watsu’s gentle stretching and movements are known to support muscle rehabilitation and relieve stress
aman skincare range

Aman Skincare draws on the knowledge and wisdom of ancient wellness traditions while harnessing the power of nature

Grouped into three unique formulations - Grounding, Purifying and Nourishing - four treatments are available within each formulation: Massage, Body Polish & Wrap, Face Ritual and the Journey. Each treatment is further tailored to the need of the individual 

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