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What’s on at Amanzoe

Throughout the summer season, Amanzoe invites experts in the fields of wellness, gastronomy and the arts to host one-off events on the Peloponnese peninsula. From exclusive multi-course dining experiences under the stars to healing treatments with renowned therapists from across the globe, discover Amanzoe’s calendar of offerings below. 


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Amanzoe, Greece - Main Resort Amanzoe, Greece - Maria Sharapova

Building Resilience: A Maria Sharapova Retreat

23-26 September 2024

Embark on a three-night retreat hosted and curated by Maria Sharapova, Aman’s Global Wellness Ambassador at Amanzoe. Drawing on her decades of experience as a professional athlete, the retreat will combine physical and mental endurance sessions to help participants navigate life’s daily demands and pressures with grace.

Visiting Wellness Specialists

Fitness & Recovery Optimisation

Until 15 November 2024

Dedicate a full day of your stay to wellbeing and experience all that Amanzoe’s Aman Spa has to offer. An energy-boosting snack on awakening  sets you up for a 60-minute indoor movement session, followed by a comprehensive fitness consultation with Amanzoe’s wellness team. This 45-minute consult  includes an InBody assessment and postural analysis. The team will curate a personalised programme for the rest of your day including hour-long sessions based on functional training and outdoor cardio, plus sessions dedicated to recovery including spa treatments, Cellgym and contrast hydrotherapy. Tired but recharged, spent but relaxed – a good night’s sleep is guaranteed. 

LUX Tennis Clinics

Amanzoe’s partnership with LUX Tennis Academy continues in 2024, with Greek tennis pro Alexander Yalias providing private tennis coaching and clinics for guests of all ages. Alex will offer personalised programmes throughout the summer season, bringing his decade’s worth of professional tennis playing and coaching to Amanzoe’s hilltop courts until 15 November. 


amanzoe_greece_-_resort_tennis_02.jpg Tennis Legend - Alexander Yalias

Alexander Yalias

Until 15 November 2024

A top 20 junior player in Greece and a top 50 men’s player in South Africa with extensive coaching experience in Europe and beyond, Alexander Yalias brings a decade’s worth of professional tennis playing Amanzoe’s hilltop courts. A certified personal trainer, his proven track record includes coaching juniors, developing high-performance players and implementing effective training programmes. 

Featured Experience

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Evenings with Rosanna Mailan

29 July - 5 & 12 August 2024

Originally from Cuba, Rosanna is a talented, versatile singer whose artistry ranges from Latin, Cuban and Jazz to more modern styles such as Pop and Dance. Performing in both English and Spanish. Rosanna will be accompanied by her brand of five musicians in Amanzoe's bar for a 'Club Tropicana' themed evening of entertainment.

HANSHA Art Exhibition

Until 31 October 2024

Meaning ‘reflection’ in Japanese, Amanzoe’s HANSHA art exhibition reveals the works of two renowned artists in collaboration with KALPA Galleries. Showcased within Amanzoe’s hilltop spaces to capture the ethereal Aegean light, nature-inspired Botanica Vitrea Venetian glass sculptures by Italian artist, Michela Cattai, stand in dialogue with the textural Bronze Paintings series of French artist and designer, Pierre Bonnefille.

Cattai’s masterful use of glass reliefs imbues a poetic vitality to each work, while Bonnefille’s abstract canvases preserve evanescent landscapes and aquatic reflections. Discover the aptness of the exhibition’s name through each piece and how they interact within Amanzoe’s beautiful setting – instilling a state of meditation and fluidity from the interplay of light and water. 

Ceramics Art Classes

Available throughout the summer season

Experience ancient Greek culture firsthand by joining Amanzoe's traditional ceramic class. Learn the art of pottery-making, just as the ancient Greeks did over 2,500 years ago in the Ceramic Studio on property. Our expert instructor will guide you through the process, from shaping the clay to adding intricate designs inspired by Greek mythology and architecture. Learn the techniques of hand-building and clay decorating and create your own masterpiece using vibrant glazes. Join us for a day of creativity, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

Weekly events

Open to all Amanzoe guests throughout the summer season, the following events take place on a weekly basis. Numbers are limited and therefore advanced booking is recommended. 

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  • Olive oil and cheese tasting at the Bostani: every Monday evening 

  • Barbecue at the Beach Club (Opa Night): every Tuesday evening 

  • Bostani Barbecue: every Thursday evening