Innovative Wellness Technology

Offering a counterpoint to the routine of daily life, Amanzoe’s 2,850-square metre Aman Spa has long served as a place for guests to find equilibrium with techniques inspired by traditional practices from across the globe. Constantly seeking to innovate their approach to wellness, the resort has introduced several new treatments, using modern science and state-of-the-art technology with instantly visible results.

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Introducing Cellgym® and MesoJet®

For those focusing on improving health from within, Amanzoe’s new Cellgym® technology mimics the impact of high-altitude training, providing the lungs with oxygen-rich and oxygen-reduced air in a process called Intermittent Hypoxia/Hyperoxia Training (IHHT). The treatment encourages energy production, optimising aerobic and anaerobic capacity in order strengthen the body’s cells to better cope with everyday challenges, or during physically demanding exercise.

Alternatively, for those seeking innovative beauty solutions, the spa’s new MesoJet® system incorporates sub-dermal infusions of anti-aging compounds with skin tightening radiofrequencies to transform the skin instantly. Led by an expert Amanzoe therapist, customised serums are delivered deep into the skin via a high-pressured stream of microdroplets, without causing any injury to the epidermis. The appearance of skin tone and texture are dramatically improved, while fine lines and other signs of aging are diminished.

  • Cellgym® Energy – a fast effective way to improve mood and banish jet-lag
  • Cellgym® Active Energy – to enhance fitness performance pre-training 
  • MesoJet® Red-Carpet Jet Facial – a last-minute beauty enhancer ideal for special occasions
  • After Sun Cooler – perfect after-care following a full day in the sun
  • A range of new, non-invasive facials designed for those seeking a more hands-on approach