Wellness & Fitness at Amanzoe

The holistic healings of Hippocrates are the inspiration for Amanzoe’s light-filled 2,850-square-metre Spa, combining diet, gymnastics, exercise, massage and sea bathing with modern natural products and treatments. Only all-natural products are used, and a broad variety of proven movement modalities help treat the individual as a coherent, integrated whole. 

Amanzoe Amanzoe Amanzoe

A true sanctuary 

Lavender scents the air and sunlight streams into the Spa’s stone courtyards, where water features reflect the light. Aman’s signature massages, facials, body scrubs and wraps as well as a range of specialty treatments are offered in five indoor and two outdoor spa suites.  

Signature treatment 

The art of massage is an important therapeutic modality in Greek medicine. The classical Greek term for it is anatripsis, which gives its name to Amazoe’s signature spa journey. Designed to relax muscles, improve circulation and encourage inner peace, the Anatripsis Spa Journey includes full-body acupressure, followed by dry skin brushing, an olive oil and beeswax massage, cupping and a laurel oil head massage. 


The Hammam ritual is performed in a heated room with steam where the 100% natural Savon Noir, known as black soap, is applied. The treatment is followed by deep cleansing with a kessa glove which leaves your skin glowing. A natural rock clay is that applied as a full body mask, which will nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving your body feeling refreshed and circulation revitalised 

Global wellness specialists

Throughout the season, Amanzoe welcomes a host of wellbeing experts and healing specialists to offer guests exclusive treatments and therapies from reflexology to craniosacral therapy to traditional Chinese medicine.


Summer tennis clinics

Surrounded by cypress trees with views of the Aegean Sea, Amanzoe’s tennis court is the perfect setting for honing your game this summer. In partnership with LUX Tennis Academy, Amanzoe guests can book private lessons or clinics with superb LUX coaches – every one of whom has played on the ATP or WTA circuits and will tailor a personalised programme for each individual according to age and level.

Revitalise with the nurturing benefits of Watsu

A Watsu aquatic therapy session involves floating in warm water, supported by a therapist’s arms. Deeply relaxing, Watsu’s gentle stretching and therapeutic movements are known to support muscle rehabilitation and relieve stress. 

Private and group movement classes

Sessions are available in the serene hilltop yoga pavilion for all ability levels, as well as full-moon yoga classes held in the resort’s amphitheatre 

Our facilities

  • Seven treatment suites
  • Watsu pool
  • Yoga pavilion
  • Pilates studio
  • Gym
  • Finishing salon for manicures and pedicures
  • Six pools
  • Changing areas with hamman, sauna, cold plunge and steam room
  • Two floodlit tennis courts