Amanpuri offers an escape for families to enjoy and connect with a multitude of spaces and activities designed for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. The extensive facilities and range of activities encourage quality time whether it be immersed in local culture, experimenting in extreme sports or enshrouded by the tranquility of nature. 

Climbing wall and skate ramp ate the family oriented Eco Beach Centre, Phuket

The Eco-Beach Centre has been designed by Aman to offer meaningful and memorable experiences for children and teens.

The Centre encompasses two separate areas: the Hot Spot with programmes and experiences designed for teenagers aged 12 and over, and the Eco-Beach Centre, with exploratory science and nature activities for youths aged five and over. Featuring unique exploratory gardens, a nature museum, an outdoor OC Ramp skateboard halfpipe, an Enter-Prises custom bouldering wall and the latest watersports toys. 


Staff with child at Amanpuri eco beach centre, Phuket

Housing custom-made terrariums, a fresh water aquarium and a unique specimen collection of Thailand’s indigenous butterflies, all within its very own nature museum.

The science and nature activities are customised for all ages, and are ideal for children ages five to 12. Children can embark on a critter safari along the beach, hunt for hidden treasure whilst learning about the history of the Andaman Pirates or take on the art of sand sculpting. These activities seamlessly blend education with discovery, adventure and pure enjoyment.
Amanpuri, Phuket, Hot Spot

The ultimate environment for teens to hone their sporting skills or try out a new activity for the first time.

Alongside the host of outdoor activities and watersports the Hot Spot also houses a Digital Room - a creative hub for teenagers to express their artistic talents. Grab a GoPro and capture some amazing footage, learn how to edit extreme sports videos and create a soundtrack to accompany your film.
Amanpuri, Phuket, Thai Cookery

Discover new interests such as dance, flower arranging or Thai cookery

From authentic Thai cuisine and Japanese sushi making to a simple pizza or smoothie workshop, Amanpuri offers cooking classes daily.
Aman Wellness Centre - Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand

A tailor made wellness experience

Our junior wellness programme is designed for children ages five and up, and includes yoga, Pilates, Thai boxing, swimming and tennis. The Holistic Wellness Centre also offers a range of treatments adapted for children. 

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