Wellness Retreat with Lindsay Mensen

4-day grounding yoga escape at Amanera, Dominican Republic

14 - 18 August 2024

Recalibrate on a contemplative Caribbean island with yoga instructor and wellness specialist, Lindsay Mensen. As the co-founder of holistic lifestyle company KYN – which specialises in movement, nutrition and self-discovery – Lindsay brings a wealth of knowledge to this four-day retreat at Amanera, hosted on the Dominican Republic’s beautiful north shore with its cleansing waves and pristine beaches. From daily restorative yoga to guided meditation and movement sessions, special spa treatments and cooking classes, this dedicated escape promises to harness the power of Lindsay’s expertise in Amanera’s dramatic setting. 

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Sample itinerary

6 – 7.30am

Daily grounding yoga and meditation sessions guided by Lindsay, daily core strength and functional circuit training

8 – 9.30am 


10 – 11.30am

Daily wellness workshops sharing techniques and tools for grounding, releasing stress, restoring the nervous system and understanding the body’s energy systems, led by Lindsay

12pm – 2pm 


2 – 4pm

A spa treatment, ceviche class or time to explore Amanera’s beautiful beaches and pools

5.30 – 6.30pm

Daily yin and restorative yoga sessions for deep release of held tension in the body

6.30 – 8.00pm 


8.30 – 9.30pm

A private lunar bath in guest Casita and a group closing cacao ceremony on the final night

This offer is subject to availability, it is combinable with other offers, except the Wellness Package. Aman reserves the right to withdraw offer at any time with 48-hour notice, this offer is combinable with consortia amenities. Additional guest is subject to a supplement charge per day on accommodation. Cancellations and deposits as per hotel standard terms.



  • A welcome drink and meeting with Lindsay
  • Three grounding workshops covering: the seven main energy centres in the body; tools
    for down-regulating the nervous system; and self-massage with aromatherapy oils
  • A special jungle breakfast and one dinner at the Beach Club with Lindsay
  • A range of daily fitness and movement sessions including: a slow and steady yoga flow; a Qi Gong and circular yoga flow session; a core strength and stability session at the gym and a functional circuit-training workout
  • Three yin and restore yoga sessions
  • Daily guided meditation and breathing exercises
  • Two private lunar baths prepared in guest Casitas
  • One 90-minute spa treatment or ceviche cooking class
  • An evening tea and intention-setting ritual at the Library
  • A group bonfire and closing cacao ceremony
  • A welcome bag and personalised yoga mat
  • Personalised Amanera T-shirt, water bottle and cap
  • Daily wellness shots and healthy snacks during sessions

Moving towards health

Canadian-born Lindsay Mensen grew up in the Turks and Caicos Islands, experiencing a close connection with nature and becoming interested in yoga, health and nutrition through her dad, an entrepreneur who founded Ambergris Cay, a private island. Lindsay, along with her sister, Laura, set up a boutique yoga studio and vegetarian café in their adopted Caribbean home, before launching KYN – a holistic lifestyle company. Long-standing connection with Aman dates back to her launching the brand’s first Nature Discovery Center at Amanyara in Providenciales. Now, with more than 15 years of health and wellness expertise, she looks forward to continuing this relationship at Amanera on the shores of Playa Grande.

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