Wellness and Fitness at Amanera

Inspired by the shamanic healing traditions of the Taínos, the jungle-cocooned clifftop spa combines Caribbean plants and herbs with enriching natural blends from the Aman Skincare range. Amanera’s holistic approach encompasses a menu of massages, facials, scrubs and wraps, as well as transformative signature Spa Journeys.

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Lunar healing with larimar 

Unique to Hispaniola, larimar is a rare blue gemstone believed to encourage physical and emotional healing, closely linked to the phases of the moon. Amanera’s signature lunar journey therapies pair the chakra-balancing influence of larimar with a palo santo smudging ceremony, a traditional Dominican ritual featuring the aromatic smoke of the sacred wood. 

Nourishing Journey 

Designed to nourish the individual in body, mind and spirit, this immersive three-hour spa experience incorporates three rituals, each developed to cleanse, restore and re-empower. It begins with a body scrub and wrap using jade powder, calendula oil and Himalayan salts to stimulate circulation and soften the skin, followed by a deeply relaxing full-body massage to dissipate muscular tension, and ending with a soothing face ritual that leaves the skin rebalanced and radiant. 

Beach Circuit 

Boost metabolism and build strength, conditioning and endurance with a beach-circuit workout, using the natural landscape of the Dominican Republic as an outdoor gym. Begin with a soft-sand run on Playa Grande for a natural resistance challenge, then tone arms, legs and abs with conditioning squats, planks and lunges during a total body workout. 

Moonlight Yoga

Unite body, mind and spirit with a moonlight yoga session. Beginning with a sacred moon ritual to release negativity, this is an opportunity to let things go, remain calm and learn to breathe through difficult moments. By  encouraging healing, forgiveness and surrender, this practice leaves participants feeling pure in spirit, with awakened senses. 

Dominican-inspired Movements: Bachata, Merengue and Salsa

Experience the traditional rhythms of the Dominican Republic with a fitness-boosting dance session with Amanera’s expert instructor. Whether learning the basic steps or practising advanced turn patterns, the practice improves strength and coordination, encourages harmony between mind and body, and improves wellbeing. 

Healing Through Lunar Forces

The Taíno believe that the moon has a significant impact on wellbeing, and that its phases affect both mood and wellbeing. Journey towards optimal wellbeing as the moon waxes and wanes, and embark on a restorative three- or five-night retreat including spa treatments, daily movement classes and outdoor adventure.