Wellness & Fitness at Amanemu

Rooted in Japan’s sixth-century tradition of onsen bathing, Amanemu’s 2,000-square-metre spa embraces the restorative power of water. Designed around a vast hot-spring bath fed by mineral-rich waters of Ise-Shima, the spa takes a holistic approach, fusing Japanese healing practices with nature-inspired therapies from around the Aman world. 



Our facilities

  • 2,000sqm (21,528sqft) spa
  • Thermal spring garden with daybeds
  • Four treatment suites
  • Two private onsen bathing pavilions
  • Aqua Movement Suite for water treatments
  • Chemical-free Aman Skincare products
  • Hydrotherapy facility with dry sauna, steam room and male/female changing rooms
  • Finishing salon offering manicures and pedicures
  • State-of-the-art strength-training and cardiovascular equipment
  • Power Plate exercise platform
  • Outdoor yoga deck
  • Professional yoga and TRX equipment
  • Treatments incorporate local and seasonal ingredients, including pearl powder, seaweed, and herbs and plants used in traditional kampo therapies
Amanemu Wellness amanemu, spa Amanemu Wellness

Wellness from water 

Japan has understood the healing power of mineral bathing since the days of the shogunate, when samurai would use onsen to restore their health and recover from the rigours of battle. As well as aiding in recovery from fatigue and injury and relieving pain, onsen bathing can improve general wellbeing. Today, Amanemu guests can enjoy the same restorative benefits as the samurai, with sessions in the spa's mineral-rich pools. 

Herbal healing 

Traditional Chinese Medicine arrived in Japan in the 4th century and has since evolved to become the herb-based healing practice, Kampo. Like many ancient holistic systems, the discipline emphasises the importance of attaining balance between body and mind, with plant-derived cures and therapies at its heart. Amanemu’s Immersion programmes and spa treatments incorporate expert-blended Kampo formulations to achieve specific wellbeing goals. 

Personalised Spa Journey  

Amanemu's experienced therapists are able to develop bespoke spa experiences and treatment programmes tailored to the individual wellness goals of each guest. A select combination of organic blends from the Aman Skincare range, Kampo herbs and locally sourced essential oils are used with a diverse array of treatments and techniques to deliver a truly personal and transformative wellness experience. 

Spa facilities: 8am - 10pm 

Spa Treatments: 10am - 9.30pm (Last reservation at 8.30pm)

Thermal Spring: 8am - 10pm (Last entry at 9pm)

Gym: 8am - 10pm (Last entry at 9pm)

Private onsen: 9am - 9.30pm (Last reservation at 8.30pm)

Wellness Immersions

Amanemu’s bespoke Immersions incorporate private movement and specialist therapy sessions, spa treatments and nutritional support. Lasting three nights or more, each is developed to achieve defined personal goals, to promote an enduring sense of inner peace, and to encourage profound, meaningful change in lifestyle and outlook. 

Thermal-spring therapy

The onsen pools of the Amanemu Spa are fed by a nearby hot spring, which provides water that is naturally rich in healing minerals – the perfect complement to any spa therapy. Daybeds are positioned around the thermal spring garden, and two separate onsen pavilions provide space to take to the waters in comfort and privacy.

Aman Advanced Facial

Made in Japan, Aman’s new functional skincare line, Essential Skin, is infused with powerful rice bran and indigo extracts, to achieve noticeably lifted, more radiant skin. Combining products from the Essentials Skin line with exfoliation and manual lifting techniques, the Aman Advanced Facial stimulates face muscles to improve the skin’s overall texture.

The treatment begins with ultrasonic scrubbing to loosen and remove oil and debris from the pores. Supported by electric muscle stimulation and massage to firm, and cryo bulbs to eliminate puffiness, the complexion appears brighter and tighter. The treatment continues with the application of a marine mineral mask to deeply hydrate, followed by Aman x 111Skin Nourishing Gold Algae hydrogel face and eye masks to achieve an exceptional glow. For a wholly rejuvenation process, the facial can be extended to incorporate a 15-minute scalp massage.

Aman Shop

The spa experience from the comfort of home

In recent years, Aman has grown to offer its coveted lifestyle beyond the parameters of its havens. Aman Skincare and Sva supplements harness powerful natural ingredients to provide balance and optimal wellbeing within and without, while Aman Fine Fragrance products bring the spirit of Aman into the comfort of home.

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