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High above Ago Bay, embraced by forest, Amanemu sits at the heart of a serene natural landscape that rewards explorers with its extraordinary beauty. Ise-Shima  National Park is a hiker’s haven, with sacred Shinto shrines to visit, and the bay itself is home to a unique community of pearl fishers and female freedivers, the ama. 

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Sacred sites of Ise-Shima 

Dating back to the 3rd century, Ise Jingu, otherwise known as Ise Grand Shrine, is one of the most sacred sites in Japan. Explore Ise Grand Shrine with an expert guide, donning a traditional kimono to witness morning prayers and the ritual dance to the deities, and discover spaces in the sanctuary that most visitors never see. Also accessible from Amanemu, the Unesco-protected Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes connect sacred sites across the region’s captivating countryside, and have been in use for more than a millennium. 

Golf above the bay

Neighbouring Amanemu, the 18-hole Nemu Golf Club enjoys one of the most beautiful settings in Japan. The sweeping greens overlook the drama of the bay below, and offer golfers the opportunity to tackle challenging shots over the coastal inlets, as well as a a driving range with natural grass tees, some of which are covered for all-weather play. 

Adventures for all ages

Amanemu’s experiences cater to multi-generations, celebrating the resort’s diverse natural setting at every opportunity. Whether learning the art of flower arranging with a local florist, taking part in an SUP yoga class overlooking Ago Bay, or tasting premium sake with a sake master, each and every guest is catered for, with little-ones entertained for hours at the Kids Academy. Finish the day with a sunset cruise along the coastline - a truly unforgettable experience.


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Six unforgettable adventures in Ise Shima

Establishing deep, lasting connections with local communities and cultures around the world is fundamental to the Aman philosophy. These Journeys – exclusively available at Amanemu – have been created to fully immerse guests in the charms of the Ise Shima region, regarded as Japan's spiritual heartland. They are the result of deep ties with an array of remarkable local merchants, guides and artisans – and in many ways, contribute to the preservation of some of Japan's finest crafts, cultures and cuisines. 

Lunch with an ama 

Known as ‘the bay of pearls’ and dotted with drifting rafts, Ago Bay has been home to the ama for centuries. The ama are a one-of-a-kind community of female free-divers who make their living collecting shellfish, seaweed and sea urchin from the seabed. Visit an amagoya – a diver’s hut – for a special Amanemu lunch with an ama for an unforgettable insight into an ancient and unusual way of life 

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