Palazzo Kitchen Table

The Palazzo Kitchen Table

Aman Venice is pleased to announce the launch of the Palazzo Kitchen Table, a unique culinary concept comprising of a calendar of exclusive gatherings, held throughout the year in an intimate kitchen setting within the lush gardens of the 16th Century Palazzo Papadopoli that is Aman Venice. Each gathering will be hosted by world-renowned chefs, with the aim of celebrating locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. 
Aman Venice, Palazzo Kitchen Chef

‘Cook the Lagoon’ is a new private dining concept unveiled at Aman Venice

Offering guests the opportunity to witness each chef’s culinary interpretation of local ingredients harvested from the surrounding Venetian lagoon through live cooking sessions. Each experience is interactive, encouraging guests to partake in the chef’s passion for creating exquisite dishes from simple ingredients.
Aman Venice, Palazzo Kitchen Wine

The Palazzo Kitchen Table boasts the Marrone + Mesubim integrated cooking system, as well as the only Teppan in Venice.

Guests will also be introduced to the hotel’s extensive wine cellar which includes an impressive collection of some of the world’s finest wines, including rare vintages from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne in France and a 1995 merlot from Tuscany in Italy. 
Aman Venice, Palazzo Kitchen

Ingredients will be sourced from the nearby vibrant Rialto market and its bountiful supply of fresh produce

In keeping with Aman Venice’s continued aim to exist in harmony with its surroundings, Executive Chef Dario Ossola and Executive Sous Chef Dario Boschetti will consult with local farmers, fishermen and market traders to source the freshest seasonal produce for each gathering. 
Aman Venice, Palazzo Kitchen Chef

Both Dario Ossola and Dario Boschetti will host their own gathering at the Palazzo Kitchen Table this year

The venue will also host a number of visiting chefs including leading Teppan Chef, Koji Aida, the owner of Paris's only Michelin-starred Jappanese restaurant 'Aida'

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The Palazzo Kitchen is open to guests and non-guests of Aman Venice. 
Please email the Aman Venice team or phone +39 041 2707714 to find out more and to make a reservation.