Aman Kyoto’s Valentine’s Chocolates

1 - 14 February 2022

This Valentine’s Day, Aman Kyoto invites guests to show they care with our set of decadent heart-shaped chocolates. The perfect gift for a loved ones – or treat for oneself – the elegant chocolates are flavoured with three unique fillings, created by Executive Pastry Chef Matsuo.

Coffee: A flavour that carefully balances the bitterness and intensity of coffee from Rokuyosha - a local coffee shop that has been loved in Kyoto for over 70 years – with the finest chocolate for the ultimate pairing.

Kyoto Dry Gin: Made from rice planted using Kyoto Fushimi water and delicately incorporating Japanese ingredients such as yuzu, Japanese pepper, and green tea, Kyoto Dry Gin is combined with a rich chocolate ganache for a balanced yet mature flavour profile.

Matcha Yuzu: The refined sharpness of Uji Green Tea is blended with the vibrant flavour of yuzu sourced from nearby Mizuo, Kyoto.

12 pieces / ¥5,800