Aman Kyoto’s Valentine’s Chocolates

1 - 14 February 2022

For Valentine’s Day this year Aman Kyoto invites guests to taste our lustrous and decadent heart-shaped chocolates. Finished with gold leaf, the chocolates are handmade in Aman Kyoto's pastry workshop. The bitter tasting 78% cacao from Sulawesi Island, Hojicha and a tangerines are exquisitely blended,  soybean flour that are made from Tamba black beans and Matcha Yuzu enjoyed together creates a unique and sophisticated tasting experience. Each chocolate is packed with four flavours of smooth melted chocolate ganache. Aman Kyoto offers the opportunity to enjoy the harmony between the flavour of traditional Japanese ingredients and high-quality cacao. The luxurious chocolates, beautifully presented in a crafted wooden box, are not only ideal as a gift for loved ones but also as a treat for yourself.



¥1,800 3 pieces: 78% cacao from Sulawesi, charred roasted tea and tangerine, matcha yuzu

¥5,200 12 pieces: 78% cacao from Sulawesi Island, charred roasted tea and tangerine, matcha yuzu, Tamba black soybean flour