True to the spirit of Aman, the safety and wellbeing of our communities has always been a priority. As Amanpuri reopens on 1 July, in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are sensitive in doing so, following the various compliance and government mandates, and keeping the expectations and comfort of guests and staff at the forefront of everything we do.

As Amanpuri continues to deliver the professional, personalised, genuine and compassionate service we are aware that we need to continually evaluate, update, and where necessary innovate, our current standards of excellence. We have always prided ourselves on offering guests a generosity of space in our secluded coconut grove amidst abundant nature and fresh air. In addition to the guidelines laid out below, our wellness immersions are now available the comfort of your pavilion or villa and we have increased our offering of private dining experiences as guests get used to being back in the company of others. This series of protocols and plans will constantly evolve and be updated as the situation changes. We hope the following instils comfort and confidence that wellbeing of Amanpuri’s guests and staff is of primary focus.

Putting distance between people is the principle strategy for reducing COVID-19 infection rates, as well as
thorough and ongoing cleaning and sanitization. The below details some changes and procedures that guests
can expect during their stay:

Staff Training
  • All staff will complete specific covid-19 training and safety courses Guest Arrival

Guest Arrival
  • Drivers collect guests from the airport wearing mask and gloves provided by Amanpuri
  • Masks offered along with hand sanitizer and water bottles. Cars are also equipped with sanitizing lotion and screen to separate guests from driver.
  • Airport representative greets guests using the Thai Wai and assists with the bags. Bags are thoroughly wiped with disinfecting spray and cloth before they are put in the car, if the guest agrees
  • We recommend and offer guest wellness check on arrival to include temperature checks using noncontact thermometers
  • All of the paper collateral has been removed from the rooms. A digital copy of the compendium is loaded on the Guest Room iPads
  • Welcome amenities are delivered to rooms once guests have checked in, not before. Bags will be in the room, and porter will have left, before guests enter the room
  • Rooms are not allocated back to back – allowing up to 24 hours between arrivals. The capacity of the hotel has also been reduced to minimize the density of guests and staff alike

Housekeeping (Public Areas)
  • Sanitizer gel or liquid is available in all public areas and re-filled throughout the day
  • Hourly cleaning of public areas with a focus on disinfecting door handles, lighting switches and all other high use areas

Food & Beverage and Dining
  • We offer options for different, more private, dining experiences, with menus focusing on wellness options and local produce. Immune booster beverages have been incorporated into non-alcoholic beverage lists
  • Guests will be able to opt for in-room dining at no extra cost, and all food delivery staff will wear a face mask and shield, and food will be fully covered by either cling film or an aluminium cloche
  • The thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all tableware, menus, place mats, salt and pepper shakers take place after each use. Restaurant doors will always be kept open
  • Staff are trained to have minimal contact and communication during service and wear masks when serving guests. All staff have been trained in a level 2 food safety course
  • Tables are limited to groups of six, preferably members of the same household, and will be placed two meters apart
  • Table setup will be done only once guests are seated, to prevent contamination
  • Kitchen has been reorganised to ensure distancing between cooks, and will be cleaned four times per day

Spa & Wellness
  • Additional hygiene equipment (sanitizer wipes) are placed next to fitness equipment, with the addition of staff cleaning it after each use
  • The gym is strictly limited to no more than eight guests
  • Employees wear face masks changed after each session, face shields and gloves, and guests are required to wear face masks too
  • Employees will be given daily temperature checks — both before entering the spa, and every four hours throughout the day
  • Practitioners wash and sanitize their hands and arms or take a shower between sessions
  • The standard paper menu has been replaced with an iPad and will be regularly sanitised too
  • Each treatment room is stocked with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for both guests and employee use. Each room has enough sanitizer and wipes/cleaning supplies to ensure the room is cleaned thoroughly between each use with a special focus on beds, headrests, bathrooms, doors and other high-touch items. All high-touch surfaces and communal areas — including massage chairs, beds, and even bedside tables — are sanitized with disinfectant spray every 15 minutes, while alcohol-based hand sanitizers will be provided at various spots throughout the area for guests. Fresh bed sheets, pillowcases and towels are constantly renewed.
  • There is a 1 hour turnover time between sessions to allow thorough cleaning of each treatment room
  • To comply with distancing, only single treatment rooms will be provided, and the maximum treatment time is limited to 2 hours per guest
  • The spa lobby is equipped with sanitizing amenities to include gloves, masks and sanitizer
  • Facials are not offered as part of the spa menu
  • Only private movement sessions are offered
  • Operation of spa hydro facilities is temporarily suspended
  • Ventilation is maximized by keeping windows open whenever possible

  • All private activities are limited to 5 individuals, including driver and/or guide, where applicable
  • Hotel activities that are not confined or do not require close proximity of participants are limited and seating spaced according to social distancing guidelines
  • Gatherings in small, confined spaces are limited to a maximum of 5 and a maximum of 10 for social gatherings in larger areas