Adventures and experiences at Amanfayun

Tucked into a valley near West Lake on the outskirts of Hangzhou, Amanfayun is surrounded by ancient temples, bamboo forests and terraced tea fields, a world away from urban life. Discoveries await around every corner on the property, as well as beyond its tranquil grounds, whether a morning prayer session with Buddhist monks, boating on West Lake or visiting a neighbouring tea plantation


Cultural immersion at Fayun Place

Learn Chinese arts ranging from calligraphy and paper cutting, to tea tasting and clay making, listen to local musicians performing, or enjoy informative talks on topics as varied as Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dating back to the 1800s, the two-storey Fayun Place rests at the heart of the village.


Chant with Buddhist monks

Seven Buddhist temples form an ancient pilgrimage route and are accessible on foot from Amanfayun, each surrounded by magnificent gardens. Chant with the monks in the early mornings or evenings at Faxi Temple, marvel at the splendour of Lingyin Temple – once home to 3,000 monks – and admire the meditative views from Taoguang Temple.


Drift across West Lake

At its most peaceful in the early mornings, idyllic West Lake is dotted with bridges, pagodas and islands. A causeway allows one to stroll right across this Unesco World Heritage Site, and its shores are lined with landscaped gardens. Spend a morning or late afternoon on its tranquil waters with a picnic breakfast or afternoon tea.


Silk Streets of old

Known for centuries as China’s ‘City of Silk’, Hangzhou was the centre for silk production and trade during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Today, Hefang Street is a pedestrian-only cobbled boulevard lined with a bustling mix of old and new silk shops selling all 14 categories of Chinese silk.


Tea leaves and ceremonies

Hangzhou is known as the tea capital of China and is famous for its Longjing (Dragon Well) green tea. In the spring (April to May), join Amanfayun’s tea expert and pick leaves from the resort’s own tea plantation, then learn how they are dried and brewed at Fayun Place. Tea ceremonies and tasting can be experienced year-round.

Special requests

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