Hangzhou Adventure Experiences

Nestled in a valley near West Lake on the west fringes of Hangzhou, Amanfayun is surrounded by ancient temples, bamboo forests and terraced tea fields, a world away from urban life. Discoveries await throughout the peaceful resort as well as the region beyond, whether it is a morning prayer session with Buddhist monks, a soothing nature walk or a visit to a neighbouring tea plantation


At its most peaceful in the early mornings, west lake is an idyllic refuge dotted with bridges, pagodas, islands and gardens

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hangzhou’s West Lake shores and causeways are lined with fragrant verdant trees and lotus blossoms


Seven Buddhist temples are accessible by foot from Amanfayun

Chant with the monks in the morning at Faxi Temple before visiting ancient Lingyin temple - which was once home to 3,000 monks - and the seven beautiful temples of Tianzhu


China’s silk capital, Hangzhou is home to the pedestrianised Hefang street, with a bustling mix of new and old silk boutiques

The city is also the site of another bustling, car-free causeway, Silk Street, which harks back to an earlier era of Chinese craft


Be immersed in the artistic history of the region at a calligraphy lesson with a master artist at Amanfayun

Amanfayun organises informative talks on topics ranging from Buddhism and Chinese art, to regional cultural practices, tea rituals and traditional Chinese medicine

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