Atabey Connection Wellness Journey

Taíno spirituality centered on the worship of zemis – deities or ancestral spirits – and key among them was Atabey, the goddess of the moon, fresh waters and fertility. Amanera’s Atabey Connection is a three- or five-day spa journey revelling in Mother Nature’s gifts to ground, enlighten and inspire a deeper connection between heart, mind and the planet we inhabit.

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Until 12 March 2025

Daily programme

For those seeking to restore physical and emotional energy while engaging with nature and exploring the cultural wisdom of the ancient Taíno, this journey offers multi-sensory experiences ranging from moonlit yoga and Areíto sound healing sessions to cooking classes using traditional Taíno medicinal herbs picked straight from Amanera’s organic garden.



Daily Sample itinerary




Taino Hike


Ancient Remedy for Legs - This ancient remedy known on the island for its anti-inflammatory properties. 


Leisure Time


Arawak Wisdom - Herbal Experience




Moonlight Yoga



This offer is valid is subject to availability and is not combinable with any other offer unless specified. Black out dates apply. Cancellations and deposits as per hotel standard terms.


  • 3 or 5 nights accommodation
  • 120-minute moon treatment session
  • Two Areíto sound healing sessions
  • 60-minute Taíno hike
  • 60-minute ancient remedy for legs
  • 60-minute purifying mud mask
  • 60-minute Arawak wisdom experience
  • 60-minute moonlit yoga session
  • One bonfire experience

Your five-night additional inclusions

  • Two 60-minute personal training sessions
  • One Taíno cooking class
  • One meditation session
  • Two lunar bathing sessions