Amanemu, perched on the rolling hills of Ise-Shima National Park in southwestern Japan, is a hot-spring sanctuary overlooking the calm waters of Ago Bay

Japanese Dining Experiences at Amanemu

Restaurants are open to guests and non-residents

The Restaurant, with pearl rafts and forests in sight, focuses on Japanese food, while some Western cuisine is also served. Thanks to the varied microclimates of Mie Prefecture, local suppliers provide delicate fruits, an array of vegetables, as well as the renowned Matsusaka beef and a variety of fresh seafood.


Fresh daily catches from nearby waters include spiny lobster and abalone

Amanemu’s seafood is served in a variety of ways including sashimi, fried and roasted for an exceptional Japanese dining experience


Locally grown produce is at the heart of every dining experience

Amanemu showcases the region’s gourmet heritage, which dates back centuries and was once known as the breadbasket of the ancient Imperial Court


Kanade course

The produce of Ise Shima tastes best in autumn as the landscape is cooled by the breeze blowing in from Ago Bay. Amanenu’s Executive Chef, Masanobu Inaba, offers the Kanade course using plenty of seasonal local ingredients.

Kanade Menu

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Ise Shima Roman course

The most prized autumn foods including the Ise-ebi spiny lobster and Matsusaka beef are served in the Roman course. This very special course gives you the full Ise Shima local cuisine experience.

Ise Shima Roman Menu

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Cocktails with seasonal flavour

The autumn cocktails at the Lounge Bar are imbued with everything good about the autumn season. Japanese pear, grapes and apples are perfectly crafted into wonderfully rich and refreshing cocktails.


Vaulted ceiling and views of Ago Bay

Spacious, bright, and with a vaulted ceiling and view of Ago Bay, the venue draws on the aesthetics of traditional Japanese dining houses.

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