Amanemu, perched on the rolling hills of Ise-Shima National Park in southwestern Japan, is a hot-spring sanctuary overlooking the calm waters of Ago Bay

Japanese Dining Experiences at Amanemu

Restaurants are open to guests and non-residents

The Restaurant, with pearl rafts and forests in sight, focuses on Japanese food, while some Western cuisine is also served. Thanks to the varied microclimates of Mie Prefecture, local suppliers provide delicate fruits, an array of vegetables, as well as the renowned Matsusaka beef and a variety of fresh seafood.


Fugu tasting menu

Fugu, or puffer fish, is one of Japan’s most renowned culinary delicacies, and its preparation demands the highest level of skill a chef can aspire to. In winter, when the fish is in season, Amanemu is privileged to source some of the country’s finest and freshest Ise Bay fugu from the neighbouring port of Anori. Executive chef Masanobu Inaba has crafted a set of two tasting menus showcasing the numerous ways in which fugu can be prepared over seven or 10 courses – a rare opportunity to experience a true gastronomic treasure. 
Friday, 10 January to Wednesday, 29 February 2020  
10 courses: ¥45,000 per person 
7 courses: ¥38,000 per person

Reservations should be made at least three days in advance.


Start the day with a good breakfast

A fresh orange juice and other tasty breakfast are prepared for the start of a delightful day.


Hibiki Course

Choose “Sukiyaki” or “Shabushabu” for this course with a choice of “Matsusaka beef” or “Iga beef”.

Hibiki Course Menu

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Ise Shima Roman Course

Ise Shima’s best ingredients and world’s most valued foods such as cavier and truffle are used in Roman course. Amanemu’s executive chef, Masanobu Inaba, serves this very special course with a strong passion to offer a local cuisine experience.

Ise Shima Roman Course Menu

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Cocktail at the Lounge Bar

Our bartender prepares exquisite drinks and serves you a precious moment at the Lounge Bar over by the dark and soundless Ago Bay and the national park.


AMANEMU Bento with Ise Shima Ingredients

A variety of take-away lunch box, “Bento”, is prepared for your next journey after your stay at Amanemu. The bento box is also a perfect for your activities during your stay.

Special requests

No request is too great and no detail too small. We are also here to assist you before your trip begins