Detox & Cleansing

Flush out impurities, relieve tension and remove emotional clutter with a personalised pathway to a refreshed body and mind. Drawing on Ayurvedic medicine’s principles of purification, the Immersion aims to improve the body’s digestive, lymphatic and elimination systems, resulting in improved immunity, cellular regeneration, and a reinvigorated sense of wellbeing. 

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Daily programme

Lasting four nights or more, this Immersion begins with an in-depth personal consultation to identify sources of toxicity, emotional obstacles and self-damaging behaviours – then uses the principles of Panchakarma – or ‘five actions’ – to eliminate them. Designed to cleanse the body of toxins resulting from illness, poor nutrition and unhealthy environments, the programme includes mind-clearing yoga and meditation to release tension and promote lasting healthy living. Guests staying seven nights or more can take advantage of a full Panchakarma programme. 

Sample itinerary




Herbal tea


Morning walk or group yoga


Detoxing breakfast


60-minute Choorna Sweda


Detoxing lunch


45-minute Sneha Vasthi


Herbal/Ayurvedic tea or fresh juice


Yoga or meditation


Ayurvedic medicines/supplements


Detoxing dinner

Sample Inclusions

  • Full board (nutritionally optimised Ayurvedic menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • 60-minute wellness consultation on arrival
  • Special Immersion in-room set up
  • Daily private movement session
  • Daily 150-minute specialised treatments
  • Morning group yoga classes
  • Guided sunrise walks
  • Prescribed juices or herbal teas twice a day
  • 30-minute departure consultation
  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice

More Wellness Paths

Wellness Concierge 

Aman’s Wellness Concierges contact Immersion guests by phone or email before arrival to outline the options available and answer any questions, ensuring guests select the perfect pathway to their desired outcome.

To speak to our Wellness Concierge team, please contact:

Email: [email protected]


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Tel: 800 852 6690 * (Singapore)

Tel: 183 3892 0200 * (USA)

Tel: 0808 101 3377 * (United Kingdom)


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