Exclusive Offers at Amanbagh

Amanbagh, India- Accommodation, Camp, Retreat, Tent

Until 31 March 2024

Camp and Oasis Journey

Experience Rajasthan, one of India’s largest and most colourful states, with a three-night stay at Amanbagh in a Haveli Suite, and another three nights at Aman-i-Khás in an elegant Mughal-inspired tent. The six-night, full-board journey includes an unforgettable activity of your choice at each resort, from tiger safaris and fort exploration, to cow dust tours, spa treatments, trekking and alfresco private dining.

Amanbagh’s Shanti Experience

Until 31 March 2024

Embrace the all-encompassing peace of Amanbagh with a three-night retreat discovering this garden estate and the elusive state of tranquillity it imbues. Enjoy even more space and seclusion with a complimentary room upgrade, as well as daily breakfast, yoga and guided sunrise walks. A half-day excursion to Jhaki or a traditional Champi head massage is also included.