Dining at Amanbagh

Sourcing ingredients from the resort’s own organic garden, Amanbagh celebrates the rich flavours of North India and the health-giving properties of Ayurvedic and Rajasthani cuisine. Using local recipes passed down through the generations, the resort’s multiple restaurants - open to guests and non-residents alike – also offer a range of international dishes tailored to individual tastes.

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A celebration of local cuisine

Beloved the world over, Indian cuisine is renowned for its use of colourful, fragrant spices, its delicate layering of flavours and its balance between vegetarian and meat dishes. Experience a true taste of authentic local fare with a masala dosa stuffed with spiced potatoes for breakfast, samosas with sundowners and a Rajasthani thali with its selection of mouthwatering dishes for a memorable dinner.

Ayurveda garden

Medicinal plants are an invaluable biological resource, closely associated with health care, cuisine, traditions and culture. Amanbagh's herbal garden offers the opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of these plants and their many uses in both Ayurveda treatments and healing cuisine. Join one of our gardeners or wellness specialists for an enlightening tour.

Private dining

Experience the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Aravalli Hills with a unique private dining experience. Perhaps breakfast beside Somsagar Lake after a gentle hike, or lunch atop an ancient stone chhatri overlooking Ajabgarh Valley, but don’t miss dinner on the Polo Lawn amid a sea of candles, with your own personal chef and waiter taking care of every need.

Learn the art of Indian cooking

Set in the gardens, the atmospheric Gwaadi – an open courtyard surrounded by earth walls – is a secluded venue for private dining or hands-on cooking demonstrations. Master the intricacies of spices, masalas and your favourite Indian dishes under the guidance of an expert chef, before savouring your creations in the open air.


Featured Dining Experiences

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Restaurants are open to Aman guests and non-residents (subject to availability).