The turquoise waters of the Pamalican Island, home to vibrant coral reefs, are the focus of exploration and enjoyment at this private island hideaway

Adventure Experiences, Palawan Islands, Philippines

Whether it is sailing or scuba diving, windsurfing or simply frolicking in the water, Amanpulo offers an abundance of aquatic activities off the beaches surrounding the Pamalican Island, all available to novices and experts alike. On land, tennis courts and bicycles are complemented by nature walks, which take in the lush indigenous plants as well as the dozens of bird species that make seasonal homes on the island and the nesting sites of green and hawksbill sea turtles. At night, an astronomical refracting telescope helps get up close to the stars

Amanpulo, Philippines, Beach

Powdery white sand beaches encircles the whole of Pamalican Island - perfect for circumnavigating the island barefoot

The sand near the Beach Club is lined with umbrellas and reclining chairs; all meals are served in its open-air pavilion and deck
Amanpulo, Philippines, Windsurfing

Despite the tranquility of Amanpulo's setting, adrenaline junkies can still be catered for

Whether a seasoned professional or just starting out, Kite-surfing is available for all levels, with expert instructors on hand to get you riding along the waves in no time
Amanpulo, Philippines, Kayaking

Gentle breezes make sailing and windsurfing year-round pleasures at Amanpulo

A number of watercraft and windsurfing gear suitable for all abilities is available at the Sea Sports and Windsurf Huts, as well as kayaks and fishing equipment
Amanpulo, Philippines -  Diving

Seven square kilometres of pristine coral reef start just 300 metres from Amanpulo’s white-sand beach

Clear waters ensure excellent visibility, and scuba and snorkelling guides can cater to divers of all abilities, including complete beginners

Pamalican Island is a nesting site for Green and Hawksbill Turtles

Every year from March until October females lay their eggs at night on out beach. Guests are regularly able to observe hatchings of the baby turtles and invited to join as they are released into the sea

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