Amandari, perched on sacred ground in the Ayung River gorge, looks over cascading rice paddies and Hindu shrines

Balinese Dining Experiences, Amandari

The restaurant is open to guests and non-residents

Looking out over the swimming pool to the Ayung Valley, the open-air Restaurant serves cuisine using locally grown ingredients with a distinctive Indonesian flair. Gamelan players perform every evening – their songs joined by a dusk chorus of birds – enveloping the serene tropical atmosphere


Bali’s cuisine ranges from smoked duck and turmeric-scented rice to fish sate and chargrilled prawns

Local Balinese organic farms grow much of Amandari’s produce, including unconfined foraging pigs and free-range poultry


The bends and rises of the tropical wilderness offer wonderful picnic spots

Amandari’s kitchen can make up a picnic hamper for guests to take along on Bali excursions, or can set up a feast in a scenic location


Amandari’s bale, adorned with tropical flowers, is perfect for private dinners

Enjoy a Tari Penyambutan welcome dance before being served by your private chef in a spot with magnificent views of the river gorge and rice paddies

Special requests

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