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Bali is blessed with natural beauty, a balmy climate and rich traditions upheld by its deeply spiritual people. Volcanoes skirted by terraced rice paddies drop to a breathtaking coastline, and villages and temples dot the landscape. Amandari arranges bespoke experiences and tailor-made adventures anywhere on the island.

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Village artisans

Ubud is Bali’s artistic heart, full of galleries and home to many artists, while the villages nearby have been known for centuries for the work of their artisans. Visit the tucked away village ateliers of silversmiths, wood carvers and Balinese painters, or take a lesson with an artist living nearby.

Spend a peaceful morning or afternoon with a local Balinese artist with a private painting session at Amandari. Create anything from a simple local shrine to a colourful natural scene of Amandari’s surroundings.

Island of the Gods

Sacred springs, shrines and statues dot the wilderness of the Ayung River Valley, and regular festivals give the decorated villages a carnival-like atmosphere. Amandari can arrange private excursions to ancient temples, personalised blessings and walks that reveal the spiritual aspect of Balinese culture.

From the morning market

Combine a country walk with a visit to one of the island’s indispensable institutions. An Amandari driver will take you to Blahkiuh Market, about 20 minutes from Amandari, where you are free to soak up the sights, the colours and the fresh morning air. Then, with your guide, it is on into the countryside, through rice fields and villages and back to the resort.

Explore nearby temples

Ubud is full of interesting and world-famous temples. From Pura Taman Saraswati, in the centre of Ubud, to Pura Tirta Empul, to the lesser known local temples that dot the map, a trip to Amandari means a step into the spiritual Balinese culture. 

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The Masks of Bali Exhibition at Amandari

Until 31 March 2023

Inspired by the traditional Balinese village on the verdant lip of the Ayung River Gorge overlooking the natural forest and an emerald green cascade of rice paddies, Amandari is the perfect setting for guests to immerse in the rich historical and cultural essence of Bali. Until 31 March 2023, guests of Amandari are invited to appreciate the Balinese Hindu Culture through The Masks of Bali exhibition in collaboration with Balinese artist Ida Bagus Ketut Rajastra.

Each mask represents the Gods of Balinese Hindu and is widely used for theatrical performances as well as displays or decorations. From the mask of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Rangda and Dewi Sri, guests are encouraged to discover the artistry and the magnificent Gods of Bali in Amandari's library.

Balinese Dance & Gamelan Class

Ibu Agung, our talented in-house dance teacher, has been part of the Amandari family for over 20 years. She comes to the resort daily to teach the local children the renowned skill of Balinese dance. Her husband, Bapak Agung, is the local music teacher, instructing the male youth the art of the gamelan. You can watch the children practice at the Lotus Pond Pavilion during the week. 

On winding trails

Discover Bali’s countryside with our expert local guides. Trek along a ridge high above the river, with banyan trees framing views across the gorge, or mountain bike through forests and rice paddies. All on its own with spectacular views, our remote hillside bale is ideal for private picnics.

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