Festive Season at Amanbagh

24 DECEMBER 2018 TO 1 JANUARY 2019

Discover a magical array of traditional activities this festive season. Amanbagh invites guests to experience local crafts, music, art and dining with our seasonal programme. A tranquil refuge from the year end bustle, relax in a stunning setting and absorb the vivid colours of an Indian Christmas


Christmas Eve Gala Dinner

Handmade decorations adorn a traditional Christmas tree, surrounded by roaring fires and twinkling candles. Savour the sounds of traditional musicians as you enjoy a delicious dinner in spellbinding surrounds

24 DECEMBER 2018


Babu - The Red-Nosed...

Rudolph may be busy today, but little ones will love meeting Babu, our very own resident camel. Whisk them to the hotel’s enchanting gardens, and listen out for sleigh bells to spot him–Father Christmas in tow

25 DECEMBER 2018


The Art of Making Lac Bangles

These colourful, intricate accessories are considered symbols of luck in many parts of India. Tiny crimson insects suck the resin of trees and secrete a natural resin known as lac. Learn how to purify the lac, heat it up and roll it over a wooden stick to create your own bespoke bangle

25 DECEMBER 2018 + 31 DECEMBER 2018


Rangoli Art

Rangoli is a Sanskrit word, signifying creative expression of art by means of colours. In ancient times, rangoli patterns and designs were placed at the entrances of Indian homes to welcome guests. They were also considered a symbol of good luck, and a welcome for the Hindu deities. Try your hand at producing your own masterpiece

28 DECEMBER 2018


Camel Polo

Experience the thrill and excitement of polo–with a difference. In this exceptional adaptation to the age-old game, the camel, or ‘ship of the desert’, replaces the graceful horse

29 DECEMBER 2018 & 1 JANUARY 2019


Henna Art

Learn the story of this ancient art form as your hands or feet are adorned with a unique design. Historically, henna or mehndi has been used as a form of temporary tattoo or hair dye for religious ceremonies, wedding festivals, or simple body adornment

30 DECEMBER 2018


A Traditional Indian Fair

Glimpse what 2019 holds for you with fortune tellers and palm readers; dance with traditional Indian fire dancers and Qawaali singers; and indulge in a carefully-crafted seven-course dinner. This celebration will be an authentic representation of a true Indian fair

31 DECEMBER 2018


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