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Set in a land of classical ruins, azure seas and olive groves on the coast of the Peloponnese, Amanzoe embraces the architecture and soul of ancient Greece and is ideally placed for exploring the region’s rich culture, cuisine and natural attractions. Discover nearby Porto Heli and the resorts' water-bound adventures, including kayaking, island hopping and snorkelling.

Amanzoe, Greece Amanzoe Amanzoe

Farmhouse Visit 

Close to Amanzoe, a traditional farmhouse rests in a picturesque valley, surrounded by orchards, groves and fields tilled as they have been for centuries. Children can collect eggs and feed the farm animals, while the adults learn more about farm life. Then sit down at the old wooden table on the sunlit veranda to enjoy an authentic Greek farmhouse breakfast with the farmer and his family.

The art of beekeeping 

A specially curated outing to the Bairaktaris family apiary nearby reveals both age-old and more modern methods of beekeeping. The farm supplies all of Amanzoe’s honey, and offers a detailed tasting, including the farm’s renowned clove and thyme honeys. They also make a range of natural propolis moisturisers infused with local herbs. 

Ancient ruins 

The wealth of nearby archaeological sites includes Epidaurus with its Unesco-protected amphitheatre and the Sanctuary of Asklepios – the most renowned healing centre of the ancient world. The legendary citadel of Mycenae, the ancient capital of Nafplion, the village of Didyma, the Temple of Hera close to Argos, the Byzantine monastery of St Dimitrios and many other sites also rest in close proximity to the resort. 

Scuba Diving 

There is as much to explore beneath the waves as on the shores of the Peloponnese. The Aegean’s warm, crystal-clear water promises excellent visibility and Amanzoe’s private dive charters ensure a world-class scuba experience. Whether you’re keen to gain your Open Water certification or are a Dive Master looking to explore wrecks and caves, Amanzoe caters to all levels by offering personalised dive itineraries and a range of courses.

Cooking Class & Market Tour

Available every Thursday

Join Amanzoe’s chef for a visit to nearby Ermioni Market to source fresh, seasonal ingredients ahead of a morning cooking class. With the chef guiding the selection of the finest produce, guests are invited to spend time in the kitchen developing recipes using their market selections before sitting down to enjoy a lunchtime feast of their own creation.

  • Traditional Greek Cooking Class

Learn to prepare some of Amanzoe’s favourite traditional Greek dishes – from hearty lamb Moussaka to deliciously light pistachio and villa Loukoumades – with the expert guidance of one of the resort’s chefs. Choose from a range of recipes, before sitting down to enjoy an authentic Greek lunch.  

  • Pizza & Pasta Course

Taking place in the resort’s own Bostani, learn to cook fresh pasta and authentic, stone baked pizza in Amanzoe’s wood-fired oven using ingredients from the organic garden. Accompanied by the ocean breeze, come together around the table to share each dish for a hearty lunchtime feast. This experience can also be tailored for children. 

*These experiences are available upon requests during the week.

The Beach Club

Amanzoe’s private beach and Beach Club lie below the hilltop resort overlooking a sheltered bay. Complimentary transfers take guests down to the Aegean, where guests can relax between swimming pools and sea, dine just steps from the water and depart on island-hopping day trips. 

From hopping island to island on one of the resorts' vessels to enjoying the beach through activities such as snorkelling, windsurfing or paddleboarding.


Amanzoe is ideal for families, with activities to suit all ages. Babysitters are available for younger children upon request, and a regular calendar of organised activities is offered for older children ranging from arts and crafts and storytelling to games, sports and beekeeping.

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