Cultural Discovery Centre


A convivial meeting ground for children, Amanyangyun’s Cultural Discovery Centre offers a host of experiences, each designed to help the resort’s younger guests unearth the rich culture of China. The club, open from 9am to 5pm, welcomes children aged from five to 12 to enjoy a variety of activities – from Chinese lantern making, paper cutting, pottery moulding and tea ceremonies to Chinese shadow puppet shows. Children’s yoga and spa treatments can also be arranged upon request. 

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Sustainability initiatives 

In line with Aman’s eco-friendly philosophy a number of sustainable activities aim to raise little ones’ awareness of the environment. Activities range from the bottle programme, which invites children to make their own works of art from used glass bottles to ocean-themed micro-landscape making, each sparking inner creativity as well as educating on the importance of eco-consciousness. 

Traditional Chinese festival themed activities

On every traditional Chinese festival, we organize special hands-on activities for children based on the corresponding festival theme. For example, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, we have lantern-making workshops where children can make their own lanterns. And during the Spring Festival, we have workshops where children can make lanterns in the shape of fish. 

Family-oriented activities 

The Cultural Discovery Centre provides an assortment of equipment for families to use throughout their stay including small tents, painting sets and children's toys and games that can also be set up in rooms and suites upon request. Free bicycle rental invites groups to explore the resort’s forested surroundings together, while the centre also has a room dedicated to younger children, ensuring guests of all ages are entertained. 

The Cultural Discovery Centre is open Monday to Sunday from 9am to 6pm