Exclusive Offers at Amanyangyun

Nan Shufang, Experiences at Amanyangyun, China

Until 31 December 2024

Undiscovered Amanyangyun

Explore Amanyangyun’s lakeside camphor forest, antique villas and unique cultural centre known as Nan Shufang, enjoying an immersive cultural experience of your choice. Whether learning calligraphy or the art of paper cutting, you will also enjoy complimentary daily breakfast and spa/dining credit with a two- or three-night stay.

Discover Amanyangyun

Until 31 December 2024

Set in a camphor forest, Amanyangyun is a serene destination just outside Shanghai. Enhance your experience with a three-night stay including daily breakfast, spa or F&B credit of USD 100, a 60-minute spa treatment and a unique cultural experience at Nan Shufang. Choose from a calligraphy session, painting workshop, tea or incense ceremony in this cultural centre at the resort’s heart.