Named after the traditional pots that historically warmed Chinese homes, Yinlu is set in a bamboo grove with lakeside views of Amanyangyun’s magnificent camphor forest. Light-filled and convivial, with an elegant minimal aesthetic, Yinlu celebrates the Chinese culinary tradition of hot pot in Cantonese style. Meat, vegetables and seafood, including abalone, grouper and lobster, are cooked in steaming silver pots of broth that rest in the middle of each table.


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The finest ingredients 

Healthy and nurturing hot pot dishes prepared by native Cantonese chefs celebrate this Chinese culinary tradition while championing globally sourced produce. Homemade hot pot dips are another specialty here such as the famed XO sauce, considered the emperor of all sauces in Cantonese cuisine with its recipe firstly conceived in early 1980s. 

Together at the table 

No experience brings together loved ones more than the tradition of hot pot dining – a warm, nourishing ritual that dates back to the West Zhou Dynasty. Over the years, hot pot cooking has evolved to become a part of Chinese culture, perfectly capturing the spirit of the family table.  

The Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from 11.30am – 2.30pm and 5.30pm – 10pm