Grounding Spiritual Journey at Amanjiwo

Claiming inspirational views of Borobudur, the ancient Buddhist sanctuary at the heart of the volcano-encircled Kedu Plain, Amanjiwo is imbued with a spiritual peace that makes it an unrivalled setting for a mindful journey. Aiming to ground the spirit to bring clarity and purpose while renergising body and mind, this minimum three-night journey incorporates temple visits, spa treatments, guided meditation and a series of personalised ancient Javanese rituals ranging from Tolak Balak to Ruwatan. The experience will culminate on the beautiful banks of the Progo River with a picnic breakfast during which to reflect on the retreat's learnings.

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Until 31 December 2023

Daily programme

Discover renewed confidence and energy with this three-night grounding journey including daily spa treatments, ancient Javanese spiritual ceremonies and excursions to sacred temples including Borobudur and Prambanan.



Sample itinerary

Day 1

Welcome and orientation

90-minute Aman Signature Grounding Massage

Day 2

Sunrise experience of Borobudur, the Unesco-protected Buddhist sanctuary at the heart of the Kedu Plain that inspired Amanjiwo's gracious, terraced design and spiritual ambience

Guided Javanese meditation inspired by padmasana, the seated lotus position

60-minute personalised spa treatment

Day 3

Personal tour of the 9th-century Prambanan Temple, the largest temple complex dedicated to Shiva in Indonesia

Tolak Balak Javanese cleansing ritual, often performed to signify a new start, at Gubuk Semedi

60-minute personalised spa treatment

Day 4

Traditional Ruwatan ceremony to clear negative energy and dispel bad luck on the banks of the Progo River, followed by a picnic breakfast


  • This offer is valid for new bookings only, is subject to availability, and is not combinable with any other offer unless specified
  • Aman reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time with 48 hours' notice
  • Bookings must be on a sell and report basis
  • Cancellations and payments as per hotel standard terms


  • 3-nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily traditional tea and market snacks
  • 90-minute Aman Signature Grounding Ritual for two
  • Two 60-minute spa treatments for two
  • Sunrise Borobudur experience
  • Guided Javanese meditation session
  • Guided Prambanan Temple visit
  • Tolak Balak cleansing ritual
  • Ruwatan ceremony on the banks of the Progo River followed by picnic breakfast
  • Healthy in-room snacks

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